Enable Fire Charges

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  1. Alright, I have been waiting for fire charges to be enabled for quite a long time now and nothing has happened. Is there a reason that these are disabled? Will they ever be enabled again? As far as I know, this is the only item that you can get and not use.
  2. Wait, you can't even use these in the wild?
  3. No because they can be used for griefing i think.. not sure why though.. idk i forgot xP
  4. Umm... what about flint & steel?
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  5. Hmmm... but aren't fire charges just like flint and steel that you can throw? It is essentially the same purpose, so if flint and steel is allowed, I see no reason why fire charges are not.
  6. yes but when putting a fire charge in a dispenser they will keep going till the charge reaches a block so you could do that on your res and go grief someone elses res (if that would work) kinda like when people kept egging other peoples res
  7. Kells has it. It is a tool for griefing and this has been suggested multiple times. I personally do not think that they will ever be unlocked. They may, however, be unlocked in dystopia. *Creates rumor Hehheehhehehehhehe cough*
  8. Maybe firecharge could be a flag which is default set to false, which means they do not work on the streets. A person can toggle it true for their res only, which means stray charges can't leave their res.
    Edit: Frontier usage of fire charges should still not be allowed.
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  9. a Fire charge has no sole purpose anyway except for a firework thing. But fireworks aren't overly popular so :) They are currently not allowed as technologygeek has stated :)
  10. Make this residence only? I do not care for wild use but if this were to be strictly residence only, it would help me a lot.
  11. i don't think streets have flags (not that i am aware of anyway) There would be no sole purpose for them to enabled to players on EMC. It would just be a waste of time for Aikar to enable them and then set a flag for them when you have no real use.
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  12. Well, they can be made for cool builds... what if you have a town with a dragon statue, and the statue shoots fireballs? :confused:
  13. Again, other Fire-Starting methods exist, so why NOT have fire charges?
  14. Streets have flags (that's why you can't build there ;))
  15. because all those other fire starting methods have purposes like lava, can you be used for cobble generators and lava waterfalls er whatever. Flint and steel to light up whatever build you have. I myself just see no point in having a useless flag and item in the game.
  16. This can be used to make tons of traps for events. This can be made for player made FireFloors, secret map passages, and fun with friends.
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  17. plus they make non-explosive ship cannons
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  18. Has anyone considered that fire charges are the only way to get out of the nether if you lose a flint and steel?
  19. Except for walking to Nether spawn, finding a portal, or using a ghast/blaze to light a portal. :p
  20. I do not see why not. Fire charges may help someone, but they probably won't add to harm. Griefers are usually new to the server, and are much more likely to have a flint and steel. Why waste code DISABLING the item, when it would just go under the build flag, like flint and steel does.