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  1. on smp4 i will swap my emralds for paper

    1 stack of paper = 1 emrald
    2 stacks of paper = 2 emrald and so on
    im making a libary i need alot of paper i got enough leather

    1 stack of coal = 2 emralds
    1 stack of gold= 6 emeralds

    also buying villagers 250r pm me if ur interrested
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  2. dude this is way way way overpriced,
    also on smp7 i sell villager eggs for 40r at 15440
  3. I've heard of Emeralds, but never in Minecraft have I heard of Emralds / Emrads.
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    • 1: you spelled "emeralds" wrong
    • 3: how about no?
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  4. 1: He's 8 I'm guessing
    2: Again, age 8 I guess
    3: 'Course
  5. no offense but u can trade 14-20 paper for an emerald with a villager
  6. Where's that bear?
  7. -_-
  8. He actually wants to do a reverse trade, still overpriced; but you can't get paper from villagers.
  9. Dont be mean guys.
    Hey Robbo, thats a little overpriced and when you want to make bussness spell things right :);)
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  10. Just now noticed the Date Stamp
    Shame on you for bumping this from 10 days ago
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  11. im 12 and i was going to delete this but then forgot
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  12. No offence Robbo77, making a thread where you can trade stuff for Emeralds was a good idea.
    I just feel so tempted to fetch The Bear when someone asks for it ;)
  13. It's sad to see people get so mad at this member. They might be overpriced in your head but he's not advertising and spamming your threads with:
    If they're overpriced, don't buy - simple.

    Anyways, might as well get this thread locked. :)
  14. and dude just start a farm for sugercane then you dont give away the emeralds and then you sell emeralds and make ruppes
  15. and dont make fun of him

  17. It seems to be a reasonably common trade with villagers.
  18. i can only get 19-26 paper for an emerald
  19. I guess it varies, I have seen a few different ones like that.