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  1. Empire MInecraft should have a yearbook sorta thing. Those who participate can send in 1 picture and their name and it should be added on a page. We can also do extra pages where it says "best smile" or "best looking Male" or whatever. And we can vote on those categories, and the winner gets their picture there. And also if you win that catagorie you get an award (rupees or something). I think this would be a good idea for our empire family to get to know each other better, and be a fun event.
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  2. anything based on voting for best looking person will put other people down, say like there is 5 girls in the vote,
    4 of them could get a ton of votes and one of them could get barely any or none, then that person think she is ugly and no one likes her.
    so doing this could hurt peoples self confidence.
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  3. Well maybe we don't need that exact category, but we can try other things that are unoffensive.
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  4. And this pertains to the thread, how?
  5. My photo
  6. It's a suggestion, not a real project.
  7. No like a real picture of your face, but ya don't post it here please.
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