Empire Site | Ads On Site Not Suitable for 'Family Server'

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Un-Suitable Ads Should be Blocked?

Yes 13 vote(s) 61.9%
No 4 vote(s) 19.0%
I enjoy the images. 4 vote(s) 19.0%
  1. The title explains it all. Should ads located around the Empire Minecraft website NOT display contents not suitable for younger members - we are a family server right?

    The basic jist of the ads are images of pretty girls, generally from Russia, telling me that they want to chat and ect.

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  2. I think they're meant to be targeted - have you been internet shopping for a russian bride lately? I always get server hosting ads :(
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  3. I think that the ads targeting you reflect whatever it can tell from your internet usage. I see stuff all the time that makes no sense to me, but I haven't seen anything inappropriate.

    Recommend an ad blocker.

    [edit: I know what the early bird gets... but what does the late bird get?]
  4. I do believe the ads are indeed based on what google considers to be of interest to you based on the webpages you visit. I get all general household stuff and computer hardware related components due to my search history.

    These can be blocked completely by using an adblocker.
    I can't imagine they would show hardcore images and ads and such, they would have to fall into a certain rating depending on the server hosts specifications, in this case I imagine pg13.
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  5. I see ads for Zoosk , to bad im under 18...
  6. I believe google adds has an option where the webmaster (Justin) can set the type of adds he wants people to see... maybe there is an <18 setting over there.
  7. I do have it set to the most family friendly G rated settings possible in Google. I believe I can block individual ads by advertiser, I will look and see.
  8. I wonder what would show up for me if I turned my ad blocking software off.
  9. Me too!
  10. Mine are Asian :p
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  11. I get a mixed bag of ads. Considering a large number of pages in my history are from this website, it seems to depend a lot on what page/thread I'm viewing.

    When I'm looking at threads concerning building things, I see ads for things like Jo-Ann Craft Store. Threads about technical issues generally get me hosting and server ads.
  12. Ok, so in the vain hope of seeing pretty girls that want to chat to me, I turned off ad-block.. and i get...

    Ads about jobs for driving dump trucks.

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  13. mine are all stock and money related >.> i swear i only check the exchange once every few days, im not obsessed, i swear.
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  14. For some reason all of my ads are about metal detectors, like to find stuff hidden in the sand on beaches. I have no idea why as I have never had any interest in such things.
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  15. maybe they are age stereotyping those ads? or someone in your household lol.
  16. The funny part of the joke is I disabled my adblocking software and all of the ads are about dedicated data hosting. Maybe I should look for a new home.
  17. Well I'm nearly 31 and haven't hit the find metal stuff on beach phase of my life yet.
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  18. yeah, nearly 31. only a couple more months. perhaps then I will acquire the need to comb beaches. actually, the more I think about it it does sound kinda fun.
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  19. :/ The closer I get to 31 the more I feel the need to stop spending over fifty hours/week at work, escape a dead-end job & stop moving every two years. waaaaah :(
  20. Most of my friends in their 30s just shoot beer cans.
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