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Should the Empire Shop lower their prices a little bit?

Yes 2 vote(s) 5.9%
No 23 vote(s) 67.6%
Not a little bit, ALOT 9 vote(s) 26.5%
  1. Hey guys! I was thinking, the empire shop should lower there prices just a wee bit, so atleast somethings will be at a half decent price to buy. And i had an idea that the admins could do this when they update the server for 1.3 :)
  2. It's supposed to be expensive to encourage player to player selling.
  3. No, because the whole idea is to get people to mine for stuff, not buy it.
  4. Airplane sauce! I always get beat at these things...
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  5. If I remember correctly the Empire Shop is expensive like that to keep the economy under control or something. At least I believe that's what I read/was told. Then again if I imagined it someone can correct me :D
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  6. Ahk, thanks guys i get it now, but if nobody buys there why is it there?
  7. To satisfy ICCs need for TNT.
  8. Because sometimes, just sometimes, there is something you'll need from there that almost no one has, or doesn't have in stock. Plus it's currently the only place to buy chain armor until 1.3 comes out. Unless you buy it from someone who also would have gotten it from the empire shop
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  9. Don't all towns have that one expensive store nobody ever shops at? Like Harris Teeter xD
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  10. It's kind of like EMC's Quik Pantry. You're reallllly hungry for some junk food, but the local grocer is closed because it's 1AM. Quik Pantry has your junk food for 500% the cost...and they will get it, because you're really hungry.
  11. But icc your the only one who really needs the shop and since your an admin we should keep the empire store.
    But we should lower stuff at least 25% because it is too expensive (I know its supposed to be) and i know it's supposed to encourage player to player buying but we have that taken care of.
    Please lower prices because oak saps will never cost 25r each!
  12. *facepalm* i know people that are giving saplings away for free! just get some from them!
    i personally actually use the store a lot if i need something like grass or something that is impossible to get in game like cobwebs and snowcaps.
    player selling man, that's the key.
  13. Thus my project
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  14. I reckon that things you cant get such as cobwebs and ice (yer ice will be obtainble next patch i know) should stay the same price, but i think everything else should be lowered by 10%
  15. you just ignored my post didnt u
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  16. still disagree. player stores. if anything they should raise stuff like grass and lower the stuff that you cant get like cobwebs. thats all i think.
  17. lol, no, i was typing when you posted it so i didnt see it.
  18. ya goto 5015 on utopia you'll see what i mean