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  1. Lord only knows why the prices on emeralds have sky rocketed in the three weeks that I have been here but it went from 25-35 an emerald to now you can't find them for less than the empire shop price. This is the point we raise the empire shop price right? I really don't care either way, I get emeralds just so I can sell them. I don't understand the villager mechanics and shutter at the thought of being around them and their annoying language XD.

    I suppose if emeralds weren't being handed out like candy from mobs and voting I might understand the current inflation on emeralds but it seems they are everywhere. Either way, empire shop is the best place to get them now, or has been from my perspective.
  2. Just for the record; you should probably not weigh my opinion too heavily because well.. So far all I've been doing economy wise is buying some stuff, and selling some other stuff in my store but without putting too much effort into trying to make good money (I do keep an eye out for market prices, but not really fanatic).

    A large shop I know of on smp2 sells 'm for 40 and buys 'm for 15. My shop also sells 'm for around that price and I know several other shops do too. So I have no idea where you're shopping around, but for all I know the emerald price sits around 40 - 50rupees.

    It's easy; get a villager, right click and see what he has to offer. For example; some will give you an emerald for 21 coal. If you got that then put coal into the left slot and get your emerald from the right. Repeat until the villager refuses to sell anymore.

    What basically happens after you did a deal is that the villager will sparkle and then a new deal will appear. If you use that deal another appears, and so on. Not sure from mind but I think you can get up to 4 - 5 different deals this way.

    And some of them can be really interesting; like 21 paper for one emerald. Reminds me that I should plant more sugar cane on my residence ;)

    Agreed on the candy part ;) But as to buying them; player shops are still the best, esp. some on smp2 :)
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  3. If I'm going to buy something thats 50ea for a stack from the empire shop, I'm not chasing down different stores on a bunch of different servers to save 64-640r. time is money. the other day I went chasing something, i forget what it was but in the end it would have taken me half the time to just craft the stuff myself XD

    Unless the price in the empire shop has changed in the past month or azoundria's database is wrong for that item from empire shop. 64 for 3226. FYI, I thought that site would be awesome(and it is that he made it and in theory) but without people updating it regularly it just offers a bunch of misinformation.