Empire Shop branch for selling mob drops

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  1. Even though you can go to player shops and sell items, most to all don't want to buy mob drops like rotten flesh, spider eyes, etc, because they have no real use. I think it'd be a good idea to have a branch of the Empire shop for selling mob drops. This could help starting players accumulate rupees and players who hunt mobs regularly to sell drop items as opposed to just throwing them out. Some items would be worth more than others. For instance a mob head is rarer than gunpowder. Common drops would sell for very cheap but it's better than just throwing them away.
  2. We have discussed having a sell to shop be a part of the empire shop, but it would hurt the player shops more than it would help those looking to make a quick rupee. The Empire Shop is in place to allow players to essentially spawn items in in exchange for money. Although I appreciate you posting an idea, this idea is one that we will likely pass on.

    Keep thinking though. You could come up with the next big thing!
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  3. I wasn't aware that the "sell to shop" idea was completely dead, I thought it was just shelved till later. Not sure how it would hurt shops, could you explain? I thought it would help by establishing a higher min buy price at shops and clearing overstock of items that have been overproduced, like iron.
  4. You are correct in stating that it was shelved...i meant to put that in my post and forgot somehow. Thanks for the catch.

    Prices would have to be VERY low in order to not interfere with player shops. AT THE TIME, it is not something worth focusing on...
  5. Selling a stack of junk for like 10r that 99% isn't even involved in the main economy; I don't see that as a bad idea. It's not like anyone has a business selling rotten flesh anyway lol
  6. But now you are giving that "junk" a minimum value for no reason. If we were do ever install something like this, it will most likely be a dc for 10 rupees. We have to inhibit people's ability to stand there and get rupees for selling regenerated items to the Empire Shop. Selling to another player is different because the money was already in the economy. Spawning in money from the "shop" is bringing inflating the economy (and yes i know that voting does too, but voting is more helpful to the server).

    I'm not shutting down the idea completely. I am saying that it will take a LOT of discussions to figure out what will work and what will not work so that we keep the majority of people happy. Therefore, it is being put on the shelf.
  7. Two pieces of rotten flesh make a wolf spawn egg (by dog breeding). In 1.8, 39 pieces of rotten flesh or so can be traded for an emerald. Hmm, worth more then you think. :)
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  8. That is also true.
  9. lol, looks like people better start hoarding rotten flesh