Empire Server Checker!

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  1. This application, coded in C#, allows you to view everyone on a given SMP or Utopia, access the live map easily, and even search for a player if you're wanting to see if they're online and if so, which server they're on without having to go in game.

    If you have any suggestions or if you find a bug, please let me know!

    PS. For me, chrome gave an error and wouldn't download the file. If it happens to you, temporarily disable malware protection in your chrome settings then turn it back on after the download.
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  2. First! interesting ill check it out

    Wont let me download it. Chrome blocked it

    Let me download it :D Looks really cool.

    One thing I hope could be added is if you click a player's name, it directs you to pm.emc.gs/playername .

    I think that is the link to pm a player
  3. I can provide virustotal if needed to prove it's legit.
  4. Updated! Added a button to PM somebody when you search for them.
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