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  1. So most know it gets lonely out on the frontier. No town to chat in and Local is dead. When you get far out into the black unexplored areas. You wont see another player ever. You can pretty much leave stuff unlocked and laying around without people stealing. Well here are some selfies of some of my areas I've been working on. Some are places you may never stumble on. Some hold secrets that normal players will never see.

    9189 Frontier survival shop. Top floor Abandoned by Pretzel7. She got crazy with lava after she moved out.

    Doom Empire 15 cell Iron Farm I built solo
    Iron farm 1.png Ironfarm.png

    Doom Empire Frontier Outpost I built and claimed solo.
    Outpost claim.png

    Secret mining outpost Doom Empire, photo bombed by skelly. Built solo.

    Witch farm in construction on Doom Empire claim. Built by me solo.

    Doom Empire wither skelly farm in construction. I built solo.

    My Nether home. A rebuilt abandoned structure. Photo bombed Again.
  2. Cool Pictures, I will add some selfies later. Pretty sweet area out there ya got, might check your shop later ;)
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  3. Thanks, The shop is currently closed. I'm going to expand it a little to make room for more shops. But it will still end up being a small shop. For frontier survival kinda stuff. A small shop is easier for me to maintain since i'm out on the frontier all the time. Plus it was built in a way to reduce lag for shoppers. No red-stone or automated farms on the res. Plus its down at bedrock so players are not rendering large areas of shop space that is not used.
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  4. 2015-06-04_21.31.16.png
    I just reset my computer because it was giving me errors so I lost my other "selfies" :(

    Logged on quick to take this, we went on sort of a hiatus from this project but it is a wither skelly farm. We have iron bars surrounding the farm in a 64 block radius and we have to dig every block out, we dug out what you see so far... #BlameQwertyCuzHeDontLikeSlabs
  5. lol, yeah these farms are a lot of work. My builds have been all solo builds. So i've been building simple manual farms. Instead of the crazy automated stuff. My wither farm is basically just two rooms for them to spawn. Then I have to go kill them myself lol. Both my wither and witch farms need slabs. Then I need to finish caving around the witch farm. So far the biggest project I did was the 15 cell Iron farm. I needed it to fund other projects. I don't buy too much building materials mostly mine them myself. Just for some reason I hate mining for sand to make glass. So I buy pretty much all my glass materials.
  6. 2015-06-06_22.32.34.jpg
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  7. 2014-08-08_11.01.44.png
    I don't even remember when or why I took this one, but this was a long time ago.
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  8. In the first post I had a selfie of me outside my res. That said visit 9189. Well here is the updated one i'm going to use. For introducing my shop on the forums. My shop has been overhauled no more lava and all that. Did a bit more for decor.

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