Empire Penitentiary

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  1. You take your last step as a free man (or woman), and enter the gates of the prison. You follow the path inside, which leads to the entry.

    As you enter the room, the warden greets you. He says,
    'Welcome to the Empire Penitentiary'.

    Dramatic stuff over

    Hi guys! Recently I've been building a 5 residence large Prison on smp6! (/v 13464 is the entrance). It isn't even close to being finished, but I thought I'd share it with you now by starting a thread. As I add more to the prison, this thread will obviously be updated :)

    So far we have an entry room, TP room (unfinished), Cell Block A and a food hall. I have been adding names to the top of each of the cells for all visitors. If you would like a cell please let me know :p

    I've had a lot of people ask me what the prison will be used for, so here goes; there will be times where the prison will just be used for a bit of fun, like roleplaying with prisoners, guards & wardens, and it will also be used for games of super cool hide and seek :) Another idea I had was adding the element of jailbreak/escapes, however I'm not sure how I'd go about that. If you have any suggestions please feel free to share them with me!

    I'll constantly be looking for ideas, so please don't hesitate to leave them below, or catch me in-game and we can talk about them!

    Below are some pictures of the prison so far.

    2015-05-14_13.00.07.png 2015-05-14_13.00.16.png 2015-05-14_13.00.26.png 2015-05-13_17.49.51.png 2015-05-12_15.44.31.png 2015-05-13_20.19.36.png 2015-05-13_20.19.32.png
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    Empire Penitentiary Staff


  5. looks great so far :)

  6. 1. Create two teams: wardens and escapees.
    2. Make certain parts of the prison building and its walls made of a different type of stone. Permit people to dig through that, but no other type in order to preserve the structure (any other breakage would be classed as griefing).
    3. Ensure nobody comes in with any items in their inventory; all items must be obtained through chests within the prison.
    4. Wardens would catch escapees by trapping them by building around them with another type of stone they are not permitted to break. Once caught, escapees would be escorted back to their cell.
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  7. That's a great idea, thank you so much! I will implement that (in a way) :)

    Thank you!
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