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  1. EMC News is a YouTube series hosted by _Stads_, where every fortnight you can catch up on all the important things that have been happening on EMC with one quick 5 minute video. All you have to do is click on the video, sit back and watch as your informed of everything a dedicated EMC player should know!

    In addition to supplying you with all the latest news, every episode there is also an art showcase as well as residence showcase from the Empire Minecraft community! This helps add a bit more community excitement and involvement to the show and it also demonstrates to non EMC players just how awesome Empire Minecraft really is!
    There are many ways to help out the Empire and sharing this video with your friends is a great way to spread the word! And the best part about this kind of advert is that it is and always will be up to date!
    Part of the show is showcasing awesome things from the community. So things like residences and artwork in need to complete the section! Here is where you come in: is there a residence you've seen that you think is really awesome or deserves a shout-out? Or have you made an artwork about EMC (digital or real life) , that you'd like to show off? Submit them to this show and I'll try my best to get them in!
    In order to submit something to the show (residence or artwork) it's easy! All you have to do is click here and tell me the following: •Residences- Server, Number (& Title)
    Artwork- Artist, Title & Link to Image
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  2. Episode 1 is out!

  3. Kells ain't gon be happy :p
  4. Why lol?
  5. I'm pretty sure Kells made an Empire news, but it's now a failed program now :3
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  6. Good idea im gonna stay tuned! :)
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  7. lol ya cause you know i dont read these damn things conner. Once again you're in trouble xP Na i gave up on mine. I had other stuff to do and mine wasnt going in the right direction that i was happy with anyway
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  8. I really enjoy the layout and everything. It was nice listening to all the news. The only thing i didnt like was when you were saying bye and the music just blared and i was like wtf did he say? xP lol But other then that Great job
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  9. I've seen lots of cool residences, scores in fact. In addition to making links in game, i'll give you the list. Maybe you think they are worth mentioning, maybe not :) I just like them.
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  10. I tried this on my old channel, so I thought I'd migrate it. Wasn't aware of yours :p If you want to suggest anything or be involved in any way, I'd be happy for you to be a part of it :D
    Sounds awesome, where could I find this list?
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  11. Episode 2 is out!

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  12. quick guess: You are using an alt as your camera?
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  13. Sure am, I found it to have better control and clarity as well as giving my character the freedom to move without effecting the camera view ;)
  14. I adjusted the outro levels, let me know if the music to voice ratio is better? :D
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  15. That was awesome :) I was waiting for you to bring the next one out. Loved it and the music level at the end was better ^_^ Please keep doing these.
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  16. As long as school does not get to busy, I'll release an episode every fortnight :) I'm glad the audio was better, and I will keep doing these :D
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  17. Hey did you hear? EMC News; #3 is out! :D

  18. You should have a special episode with all the new features crammed into february. Developers, pvp, ect.
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