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  1. Heyaroo and I are creating an EMC news show. We are currently in the process of creating a studio and are planning to run the show twice a month, as well as creating other fun video projects.

    In the EMC news show we will keep you up to date with what's going on in the Empire, including: interviews, updates, special announcements, and different things involving the community.

    For our first news show, we are looking to feature 1.5 redstone inventions. If you've created a redstone invention on one of the EMC servers using the 1.5 update items (hoppers, redstone block, comparator, daylight sensor, droppers, etc.) send erosego or heyaroo a pm with:

    -the res number the invention is on
    -a short description of what it does

    We will also be selling three 15 second ads to show off your res! Random.org will help us pick the winners. If you are willing to pay 10,000r for an ad, pick a number 1-20 and post it here. Do not send any rupees until after the drawing when we've announced the winners.

    3. OrigamiJoe
    5. slash14459
    7. Nick5013
    10. Shavingfoam
    12. yankees518
    17. WeirdManaico
  2. Sounds great! :D I'd love to know about important threads and announcements that I missed :) I totally wasn't just talking to you about this
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  3. Sounds very interesting, *doesn't unwatched thread
  4. Sounds interesting, will it be on your normal channel? I'd love to help edit or present if assistance is needed ;)
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  5. We are not 100% sure what channel we will have it on. We might switch back and forth between hayaroo and my channel or have two videos with different point of views or just post it on both our channels. But we will be sure it post it on the forums so you won't miss it :)
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  6. Why not? 12
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  7. if you need help building a set, i'll be glad to help :D
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  8. If you need help with anything i would be happy to help :)
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  9. Thanks everyone! Yeah we will probably have a few events in the future that you guys can come to :D *cough* drop parties *cough*
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  10. 7 pl0x
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  11. :D
  12. 3 for Me :D
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  13. TFG corporation will help you in staff, constructions and also ideas for the videos :D
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  14. 17 pweasel
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  15. erosego can I have 10?
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  16. woooo
  17. Can I please have number 5?
  18. Oooh! I would love to be a weatherman! :3
  19. today and forever in town its partly cloudy with no rain snow or anything

    EDIT: why did i quote you twice? :confused:
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