Empire needs mobile site!!!

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Does EMC need a mobile site?

Yes 8 vote(s) 80.0%
No 2 vote(s) 20.0%
No because I don't own a IPhone or IPad 0 vote(s) 0.0%
  1. So normaly I get on my iPhone when I'm using empireminecraft.com but when I login it takes me like 10 min to do that and a piece of the screen is completely cut off.
    Plz add a mobile site!!!!
    It will help a lot of people out there...
    Also if it can't be added i need a admin or mod to let me know. <(o_o)>
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  2. I'm on my IPhone now.....
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  3. We may have one in the future, we might not. It's on "the list" but it'd be very low down on there. :)
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  4. i can hardly login, even on the iphone 5 or note 2 with the huge screen
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  5. Well I need it to be up there lol. I would support somehow but I'm no techno geek
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  6. LOL
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  7. ~off topic~
    It's midnight here XD I should have been asleep 2 hours ago
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  8. Firstly, the Poll is fairly inaccurate, you don't need to be on an iPhone to use a mobile site. A Samsung S4 has a similar screen size. And then there are the people like me who scale their browser down just to use a mobile version of a site... :p

    But anyways, I have stated this before multiple times, the software the EMC site is run with is XenForo, the latest XenForo update is 1.2 which will come out in under 8 weeks, this latest update has a responsive design, which basically means that the site will scale it's self according to the site of your device/browser. Now, EMC doesn't have to update to 1.2 to create a responsive design, they could easily just change the theme to make it responsive, though this will probably not be the best option. But IMO EMC should update to 1.2 as it comes with a heap of cool new features such as a new members page, a new post editor, user group banners, watching forums, @username tagging plus the responsive design.

    So if this was running XenForo 1.2 this post would look very different and I could go @Aikar to give him an alert and get his attention!
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  9. U
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  10. I post most of my posts from my phone, it just works fine :)
    So in my opinion, it can stay as it is now.
    The only 'problem' is that i have to zoom in to touch the alerts button without punching the add. :p
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  11. Essentially every one of my two thousand posts is from an ipad...
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  12. Make one for the nook store! Haha :D