Empire Minecraft - Trailer

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  1. Will be edited soon.
  2. Just wanted first post for some reason.. I'll edit it soon once I get time to see the video :p
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  3. This is an awesome video!
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  4. Wat he said ;)
    Good werk Mark, its a pretty epic video :)
  5. Why didn't I thought of this! Awesome vid man!
  6. Nice trailer you made there! +1 for you!
  7. Watch the vid!
  8. It appears my Arabian Mall has made it into your film.

    My lawyers state that at no point in time was permission given for filming on K-Industries property, nor was any licensing granted in terms of public distribution of digital visual recordings.

    I hereby inform you that the sum of 200,000r is demanded for immediate payment or legal action will be taken.

  9. Great video!
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  10. AWSOME VIDEO! :)

    But why isent my Obsidian pyramid on SMP6 with? :(
  11. Great video Mark :D
  12. Awesome video Mark!
  13. i made a running thru the streets time lapse first:cool:
  14. you do realize you where literally 2 res's away from mine? how does that escape you....
  15. Thanks everyone!

    I just made a video, and I tried to do some good res's I knew, sorry if your's isn't in it, I just did the ones I knew, and yeah.

    Kilmannan, your res was next to spawn, and I think it is awesome, I think I can say all the users res's on the video.
  16. I should have put the bobbing off.... ;)
  17. Post in the comments what you think of the video!
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  18. If you got a good res, with some epic, I mean, EPIC buildings, say it here. :D
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  19. Most epic. And if the empire should ever have some form of Olympics you should be banned from the running competitions because you would leave us in the dust