Empire Minecraft - The Movie!

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  1. soz!! no movie yet, just me posting.

    what do u think would happen if ppl would make a movie based on our beloved server?

    i think the movie would claim aikar & krysyy had an affair and everything in the game would be virtual reality (4 that extra drama part! :mad:).
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  2. interesting if you were trying to get people to join in this movie sign me up :D
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  3. I would love to be in a EMC movie! I will be the best at being SkeleTin007 XD
  4. I'd just stalk Cami, and pester him to death. And be referred to only as "blind old enderman." <3
  5. How do you mean, "everything in the game would be virtual reality"?
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  6. Preety sure she means fiction, but...
  7. EmpireMinecraft movie! Who would film it... Needs to be a Senior Staff that can fly :)
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  8. But how about everyone act normal I mean normal so when a staff comes in to film its doesnt say that they have joined cause If a SS was online everyone would probably be like 'Film me! Come to /v #####, could you film me doing parkour, Pvp me and record it :p' Like that so if a SS is recording we gotta make sure they are not seen while in the server :)

    Thats my opinion :)
  9. Or do it on utopia to solve the flying

    Bigger reses to film on
  10. If there were a story-based movie about EMC, I recommend it be about taking back the land from Resik, defeating a few Enraged, and with the help of a few determined players/admins of which Resik's power grows out of control, moreso than the admins can stop her! Thus, a band of heroes journey together across the land to settle for a few into a couple of Frontier base visits before finally coming across the tomb of Resik's layer and taking her on in a battle for the servers, ala Order Of The Stone style ;D
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  11. And maybe in a plot twist, one player is revealed to have some sort of prophecy that link to the keys to defeating Resik kind of like one player being the chosen one or maybe a key to taking over both EMC and real life, and I think another plot twist should be when all players play minecraft, they get sucked in by a curse by Resik perhaps :p
  12. That would be awesome having a EMC movie. Of course i would want to be in it! lol I could use my Joker skin or Cat skin. I like my Cat skin the best XD

    Now this is a great idea!