Empire Minecraft Promotional

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  1. I have created a promotional video for Empire Minecraft! Hope you all like it!

    Don't forget to view it in full screen with 1080p HD sexiness!

    Lots of fizzy drinks were consumed in the making of this video.
    Lots of Guitar Hero was played during the render process of this video.

  2. Justin, I'm going to go ahead and request a feature here. Allow us to press "Like" over and over again, so I can do it on this video until my hand falls off. :)
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  3. Thanks Jeremy! XD
  4. This is just awesome, though this means we will need to upgrade the server again to handle all the people that will come because of this awesomeness! Lmao
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  5. <applauds>

    This is fantastic TonicThunder!

    Very well put together!

    <more applauds>

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  6. Yet again *faints at awesomeness* (note a Monster Energy Drink will be required here.)
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  7. Thanks so much for the great comments everyone!
  8. wow very nicely done

    btw who made that nyan cat?
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  9. autonamus made it. :)
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  10. This.

    Very nicely done. you got a lot of great res' as examples.
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  11. autonamus nice nyan cat just checked it out very impressive i must say
  12. Thanks! I used /visit random for most of them. You never know what you can find!
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  13. lol i had totally forgoten about /visit random
    time to get seeing some random res
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  14. noob XD jj
  15. XD, join the servvver, oh wait......
  16. I hear your a fizzy thing enthusiast... how could you skip over my brewery!!!
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  17. hey youse will need to change your banners modern warfare 3 comes out a week from tomorow in australia we have first day and a half For Multiplayer servers so i know what im doing next tuesday going to school and very nicely done but you forgot my blank res it looks bad now but wait till its finished
  18. wait, what?!
  19. i meant that to the people with there names on the banners for MW2 not you just saying that it comes out next week and Australians get it first for about a day and a half and good job to him for the good Video