Empire Minecraft Lets Play series and Tutorials.

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  1. cool I'll check it out :D
  2. Very good :):):)
  3. You are very great at doing the Tutorials. Your voice is easily understandable.

    Great channel, although I, myself, am not into EMC "Let's Play". But that is just me.

    Keep filming!

    EDIT: I tried watching one of your "Let's Plays" and I am hooked.
  4. Cool stuff! :D I recommended you should maybe try and apply for the Empire Minecraft YouTuber Team. If you are interested, send a link to Maxarias and Krysyyjane9191 of a video on Empire Minecraft you have posted in a private message.

    Anyways, all throughout great vids. Keep posting! :)
  5. Nice videos. :)
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  6. Great videos! :)
  7. Thanks a lot guys. :D Glad you like them. I shall be making more soon. The EMC Let's Play is ongoing (except for a break when my computer died :( ) I shall be there again at Tuesdays Mob Arena, recording a bit, and I imagine dying a lot :D
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  8. Can't Wait dude it so good!