Empire Minecraft for MCPE

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  1. Hypixel is already on MCPE so why not also have a EMC MCPE server called

    Empire Minecraft Pocket Edition

    well sorry there's no command blocks in MCPE

    but you guys can still make a MCPE server I think

    only Yes and No's
  2. I wouldn't mention other servers :p

    Also we got MineChat xD

    I think this might be possible. Though I don't do. +-0
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  3. Not sure emc has the time or resources for this. We have many features still need to be made on this server, can't see a ton of time being put towards a minecraft pe server :/ Oops you said only yes and no's, well I think its a no. I don't know everything though, but I believe something like this has been suggested before.
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