Empire Minecraft Chrome Theme V1.2.

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  1. Nexus Inc. has been getting into some Google Chrome development, and we've decided to create a theme custom designed for EMC.

    If you want to check it out here it is- http://www.themebeta.com/chrome/theme/140300

    UPDATE LOG (Must re-apply theme to receive updates)
    V1.1.5- Changed orange to grey in a few places.
    V1.2.0- Fixed white spots on background, fixed installation error.


    Feedback/Suggestions would be great.
  2. Why not just have one Nexus thread?inb4 claims or stalking/targeted criticism
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  3. I like it. A few things though:
    • Improve the logo. Maybe merge the EMC and Google logo, if possible.
    • Make it green. :p Or have an option to choose colors (I don't know if that's really possible).
    Probably will stick with my current theme though. I've gotten used to it. ;)
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  4. It's not possible to do the choose colors, but I can make all of the other EMC theme colors at a later date.
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  5. Make the photo fit to the google page
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  6. Thought I fixed that, will fix it soon.
  7. Fixed.
  8. Working on the merging EMC and Google Logo now.
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  10. You're spamming threads..
  11. How?
  12. No he's not... this thread does not break any spam rule (or any rule, for that matter):

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  13. The only thing I can see that she would be talking about is the thread "Nexus Chrome Extension" which is an extension I'm working on and made the thread for bug reports and announcements, and this thread having a similar topic.
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  14. I'm sorry but have you seen the amount of thread's you've made?
  15. <3
  16. Upcoming Updates and Ideas:
    • Holiday Updates-Upcoming Halloween EMC Theme
    • Changeable Color-(RESEARCHING)
    • Background Image-Currently blank/Grey, working on a new image.
    • Vote Reminder- Message on the homepage reminding you to vote everyday.
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  17. Updated Theme to V1.1.5

    -Fixed background, white spots gone.
    -Changed an orange element to grey, far too bright as orange.

    Please re-apply the theme if you wish to receive these updates.
  18. NOTE: Everytime I attempt to fix the image the white places come back, will have to deal with it until I can find a fix.
  19. Bump for NEXUS INC.