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  1. I have an idea, that we should make an app (we as in aikar) this app would have things like:

    Auto log in for the server on the app
    And pretty much what ever we have on this server right now.

    This app should give a notifications for when and were we need to vote at each time and would let us know 1 hour before as well as 30 min and 15 min until we can vote again.

    I think the this app would cost 1 American dollar or 99 cents ( ;p).

    I hope this works!!!!!!!

    Your sincerely,
  2. I use MineChat which even lets me chat in game
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  3. I feel this should go in The Suggestion Box, but I do see how a voting reminder could be useful, I don't think it's worth EMC having its own app just to combine Minechat and a voting reminder, not to mention Aikar'd have to make iOS and android versions.
  4. Nah.
    I don't think anyone would want to buy this for its features, and donating can be done in other ways.
    MineChat can be used to log in in-game, and voting reminders...
    To most, they wouldn't really be useful, as they only vote once a day instead of once every 12 hours, and if you'd really like them, you could set them up yourself on your mobile phone.
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  5. You could make one on the Andriod for us... appinventor.mit.edu
    Minechat can be used for everything that you have already mentioned. It's exactly like in-game chat, but you just can't move around, break blocks, or place them (unless you use some sort of crazy /fill command), or eat, etc. I recommend you check it out. Minechatapp.com
    And also, it's not easy to do "auto log in." It's expensive when it comes to using it outside, for it's constantly sending signals to whatever allows us to play Minecraft. It's just like playing Minecraft on your personal hotspot. Also, it's expensive for a battery too, for your battery will constantly be drained. Plus, when you're at home, you have access to a computer anyways, so you wouldn't need this at home. I do get the "vote" function, but perhaps just an automatic email sent out or something.
  6. Ok let me bring you all in on a little secret
    There is a way to play Minecraft PC and play on EMC on a fast android device.
    You have to go to the android App Store and download a app called Boardwalk then log in with ur minecraft account and put in the server details and your in.
    Also to make it work well u need a powerful device.

    Link: https://play.google.com//apps/details?id=net.zhuoweizhang.boardwalk&hl=en
  7. This has been suggested before but declined as no devs know the phone languages and I mean there are many device os's.

    Also many apps you can use put there as is... does not have to be emc related, just means more work for staff.

    Plus you can do /p in game ti see your last vote. I time mine so it's 8pm every night.
  8. Was worth a shot
  9. FYI MineChat has been updated and now it's even better guys