Empire Minecraft Animation

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  1. Currently working on a Minecraft Animation based around EMC, will involve the mob and maybe the PVP arenas. It's about 5% done, but I'm looking for suggestions. I'll keep this thread updated on the progress and additions.

    If you would like to be in this animation please send me the template of your skin.

    I need about 10 participants (9 not counting myself)

    Most of the players will die, besides 2. I would say more, but that would ruin the surprise ;)
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  2. Grats on Diamond buddy!
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  3. Looks great!:)
  4. Cool! I was thinking of doing something like this, but my computer won't update. I would like to see what you create.
  5. If you choose the pvp arenas and not making me die too much horificly I would be happy to be in your clip.

    You could do the clip about a pvp championship or something but anyway good luck!
  6. Ender, if you know anything about animation you can still help, just message me :)
  7. How do I send you my skin template?
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  9. If you are interested, feel free to send AlexChance and krysyyjane9191 a PM about joining the YouTube Team :)
  10. Maybe. :)

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