Empire Minecraft 1.9 a/o 1.10

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  1. Not sure if this is 100% allowed, but I figured in order for people to see my thoughts on the future updates for EMC, I'd just share the convo, without actually sharing it. There isn't anything here that is private or anything, but feel free to comment. If you wish to stay up to date on Dwight and I's view on EMC 1.10, please comment below a request to be added to our conversation. It's open to anyone who wants to be apart of it.
  2. They will not even work on updating to 1.10 until the full version comes out, as many changes are yet to come in the snapshots. This snapshot is unstable, brand-spanking new, and is a lot different than the official release will be. Despite the new features that everyone is now excited to see on EMC, a snapshot update will not be happening.
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  3. I do not believe it is possible to just pretend a version never existed and play a version that is built off of the one you skipped.
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  4. Add me, I'm interested to see the outcome ;)
  5. I love 1.10! cool mobs cool blocks cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!