Empire MineCast: Big News and Fireworks!

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  1. Hey everyone, JabrZer0 here.

    First, and most importantly, FIREWORKS!!! I'll be holding a show every hour from 9-12 EST tonight in celebration of New Years. We have over 300,000 rupees of fireworks in these shows, so they're NOT things you'll want to miss!

    When: 9:00, 10:00, 11:00, and (hopefully) 12:00 EST
    Where: res 201 on smp1. Follow the signs and the diamond path!

    Some of you might remember the Empire MineCast (we have a link on the front page). We're a YouTube channel dedicated to bringing you only the funniest/most useless news about the Empire, along with some let's play videos. Yukon1200 and I started the channel last year, and spent a good amount of time filming and editing for it. We took a break over the summer, telling everyone we'd be back when school started up again. Well, that didn't happen. Yukon discovered League of Legends, and neither of us have had the time we needed to dedicate to the MineCast. This is about to change.

    I'll be bringing you new episodes of the 'Cast this spring, with special guests (to be announced at a later date). We have some awesome events and contests lined up when we come back!

    One last note, to those wealthier people within the community: We'll be selling ad space in some of our videos! Have a supermall? We'll let EVERYONE know! Have a casino, game, or awesome project? We'll come play, explore, and share your creation with the world!

    Tentative pricing is as follows (I'll adjust these depending on interest):
    1,000 rupees per second (so a 10 second spot would be 10k, 30 seconds = 30k, etc.)

    PM me here on the site if you're interested :)

  2. I'm giddy! ^_^
  3. cool! lets see... i can afford about 26 seconds of displaying my hotel...
  4. From this point on, Empire Minecraft hates League of Legends.
    On a positive note, excellent to hear you're back ^_^
  5. Oh, and I MAAAAAYYYYYY be giving some stuff out at the final show ;)
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  7. I am going to be there for the 12:00 one.
  8. so far, there are 50,000r in prizes... and the number is going to keep getting bigger!
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  9. dang, i missed it :(
  10. I wanna be with the show as a guest :)