Empire Keeps Crashing every 1-2 Minutes

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  1. Basically, every 1-2 minutes, The Server comes to a Halt. Entities don't move, etc. and The Onky to fix this is by Relogging. But then It happens again. This started happening this morning, It was completely fine before that. I have tried restarting my Computer, twice, it didn't help.
  2. Did you check your lag locally? I wasn't experiencing any issues this morning at all.
  3. my ping is 10ms, Does that explain this?
    EDIT: Now it is Fluctuating around 40-42
  4. Is there something funky going on with your wifi?
  5. No. don't think so
  6. When the entities stop moving, immediately try the ping command. Usually, when your game is working fine but nothing is moving, it is a problem with your connection to the server.
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  7. I tried to do /ping but once it happens, I can do nothing but Walk/run Around
  8. Then it is definitely your connection to the server that is having problems. Things like entities, commands, and dropping items are all handled by the server. Meanwhile, you walking around is handled by your client. Do you have anything installed that might be messing with your connection or accessing the internet aggressively while you play? Do other devices work fine on the internet when it happens? Also, do you having AMD quickstream installed? I have found that it sometimes causes big problems.
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  9. That's interesting I have had this same problem.
  10. Well the Problem seems to hve fixed itself. Looks like my Connection is back to normal :D
  11. The Problem Has arisen again :p
  12. bump. Please Help. I literally cannot play it. I can play on Other Servers Fine, but not empire strangely
  13. That is weird. Can you answer the questions I posted above? It might help in diagnosing the peoblem. Also, I assume you are on wifi. If you open up a browser while this is hapoening, does the browser have Internet access and load?
  14. Well, I have none of those Installed and just did a Scan (I got 1 thing but it getting removed didn't Fix the Problem) Also, about the browser, I originally thought that it might have been that, but it still happens, browser open or not. Also yes, I am on wifi. I think it might be something with the Internet having to be paid
  15. The browser and devices stuff I posted aren't about actually fixing the problem but figuring out what it wrong. If your Internet browser can connect and Minecraft cant, then there is some kind of software problem. If the browser can't connect as well, but other devices can, you have a weird problem that my laptop also has :p
  16. I know I should Have said this earlier, but Everything on the server stops except Entites making noise and Chat, (Blocks cannot be placed, When broken they don't drop, etc) Then I Crash and this screen pops up
  17. Are you located outside of the US?
  18. No, New Jersey Actually.
  19. Hmm. Well when you connect to emc.gs, it is not a direct connection between your internet and emc.gs. It has to travel through a number of other internet "stations." I would (slightly) suspect that the issue is somewhere in the middle.
  20. I can Connect fine, and its normal for a good 6 or 7 Minutes, then It Happens :p