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  1. Are you a talented video maker that enjoys uploading EMC videos to YouTube? Create amazing EMC adverts or lets plays? And most of all, do you like getting rewarded for doing what you love? YES!

    Introducing the Empire Filmmaker Fund - a set of rewards (and rupees) for talented, dedicated and entertaining video makers. And the best thing? (Almost) every video created on EMC qualifies for the money! :D

    So, how does it work? Well, it's simple. You create the video and upload it you YouTube, as you always have (although make sure that you have a link to the EMC website in the description of the video). Then simply PM me with video info, wait a little bit and get money! It's as simple as that!

    I won't say the complete range of payouts for videos, or what any of it's based of. However, you can quite easily expect to receive 250r - 2500r per video!

    So, what are you waiting for? Get filming!

    Current money in fund:
    Please send donations to JackBiggin2

    Donators: JackBiggin's Head

    Only videos created after post date are eligible to receive rewards. Spam uploading low quality content will result in removal of the ability to claim rewards - I have sense and can tell the difference between someone's best effort and a greedy grab for money. Rewards must be claimed within 14 days of video upload to prevent people getting a huge backlog of pending rewards. I reserve the right to not give out a reward for any video of my choosing. Oh, and 2 release announcements in 2 days feels *really* weird...
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  2. Haha I will need some help! I can sing it myself!
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  4. You and your logic...
    fine, then, I shall go deprived of potential monies.
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  5. Added "I reserve the right to not give out a reward for any video of my choosing" disclaimer. >.>
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