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  1. Have a question? Ask here! Have an answer for a question? Post here!

    Some of you may be aware that I have been unable to play on the servers much lately due to University, so I have decided to start an Empire wide FAQ thread which will enable me to do something for the community whilst still focusing on Universtiy :). There will be 5 posts here, as people ask questions, and give answers I'll add them to the relevant sections.

    Post 1: Connection Issues & General Questions
    Post 2: Forum Questions
    Post 3: Game Related Questions
    Post 4: In-Game Related Questions
    Post 5: Facts

    Can't connect to minecraft.net: Notch's Login server is down or having issues. You can keep trying again or try later. (EmpireMinecraft has no way of solving this for you)

    User Not Premium: This is something that happens if you clicked play offline or Notch's server somehow set you to offline mode because of a bug or glitch or maybe he rebooted the server. The best thing to do here is to exit your client and try again a reboot can't hurt or delete your bin folder and try again. If your using a illegal client don't bother trying to play here. (EmpireMinecraft has no way of solving this for you)

    Disconnected by Server Failed to Verify Username: Just like all the rest of the silly errors this one is basically having issues trying to verify your user name just like the user not premium and also something we have no control over. (EmpireMinecraft has no way of solving this for you)

    Internal client error: java.net.ConnectException: Connection timed out: connect This is another Notch one this usually means that our server can't connect Notch's Server at all. Almost like his server was shutdown or rebooting or worse. (EmpireMinecraft has no way of solving this for you)

    Disconnected by Server Took too long to log in This is like the error above but usually means Notch's Server is online and running but it's under heavy attack or to many connections and it's so laggy that our server just can't contact it. (EmpireMinecraft has no way of solving this for you)

    Failed to connect the server Connection refused: connect This means the server you are trying to connect to is offline or that you are not able to connect because a firewall, router or even a certain network is not letting you connect to our server. Due to Justin's awesomeness, this error hardly pops up, he prefers to keep this one from showing at a minimum :)

    Internal client error: java.net.UnknownHostException: http://www.minecraft.net This means you are trying to connect to the Server 1.2_01 with a 1.1_02 client. Delete the bin folder in%appdata%/.minecraft/bin

    Post 1: General Questions
    Question: What is this thread for?
    Answer: In an attempt to alleviate stress and confusing by player and moderator alike, I believe an Empire wide FAQ is a terrific idea!

    Question: I have a question, is there a format I should ask it in?
    Answer: I would suggest asking each individual question with "Question:" at the beginning. It'll make things easier!

    Question: I have an answer for a question, what should I do?
    Answer: Quote the post and at the beginning of your post, start with "Answer:" at the beginning.

    Question: I have a bunch of Questions and Answers for those questions that I'd like to offer to the thread, what should I do?
    Answer: Feel free to post them all! Just make sure your question has been asked already and your answer hasn't been posted already.

    Question: Can we have a list of people who contributed to this FAQ?
    Answer: I would prefer not, this way no one gets a special feeling out if and they don't act superior to others for it.

    Question: What about the "Facts" part of this FAQ?
    Answer: If you have a lot of facts you would like to post, please keep them related to EmpireMinecraft, either in-game or forum related. I believe some general Minecraft facts are appropriate as well.
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  2. Post 2: Forum Questions
  3. Post 3: Game Related Questions

    Question: How do I startup minecraft?
    Answer: Assuming you have already purchased a minecraft account, go to minecraft.net, then click download under "Play Minecraft", this is on the right of the front page. Once it has downloaded, drag and drop it onto your desktop or location of preference. Double click the icon, enter your account and your ready to hug some creepers!!!

    Question: How do I prevent animals from dissappearing?
    Answer: Thanks to Henry_Leonwind for coming up with this solution:
  4. Post 4: In-Game Related Questions
  5. Post 5: Facts
  6. Hey JustinGuy, I know you have got your FAQ thread, but I thought I would do one whereby someone is constantly updating and adding the questions people have :) Just to help out here a bit ;)
  7. How do I start up minecraft?
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  8. Hahahaha, you use your AI intellect and go from there :p

    Nah but in all seriousness for those kids out there that are viewing the forums before starting up minecraft for the first time, I will answer this :)
  9. The time I decide to try an do something on the forums for the server, the staff just completely ignore it, haha how rude. I mean how many other people in this forums section have got stickies?!? Its alright, I know where your loyals lie staff of EMC. It took a while to create this, so feal ashamed.
  10. Hmm I think this is quite rude yourself. It's not like you get a sticky just for doing a long post. You sure put a lot of effort in it and I know it is frustrating to see if work doesnt pay off, but this doesnt mean you have any rights to talk like that. Get your temperament under control.
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  11. No man, to put a lot of work into something for the community and get completly no acknowledgement for it is demotivational to say the least. I did not say "I should get a sticky cus its a long post" now did I?!? SO mate, I genuinely thought that this would be a good thread for EMC, meh, remind me not to bother again. Its no use anyways
  12. From my point of view you pretty much did say that. And to it you insulted the work of our great mods and made it look like they had favor for special things. This is no behaviour in a community. It is your decision to leave EMC at any time. There is no need of great announcement, you will not receive any please stay here attention.
  13. Sorry what? Leave EMC?!? what you smokin bro?
  14. Most of it's empty sections. Perhaps they are waiting for it to be filled out more to make an opinion?
  15. Since you felt the need to say the staff doesn't care about things, I think I should point something out here. We get uncountable requests a day to do this or do that, usually from things that aren't even complete. From what I can tell, I see this was posted up yesterday and it was completely empty. We all saw it as that not even 24 hours ago, I'm not sure what you wanted.

    Now, this is going to get a bit more personal for you MR2R2M, but I think it needs to be said because you are leading people to believe that we ignore people who do good work. We don't ignore any of it. I'd say we're probably the most active staff out of any Minecraft server out there. At the same time, it's hard to take people seriously sometimes when they are doing good for the sake of recognition or to get something in return...and even those are still appreciated.

    If you're doing something to help EMC for the sake of just helping EMC, awesome! We'll take notice and give it recognition when we feel it's ready for that. If you're doing it for the sake of saying: "Hey look at me, promote me, please make me feel important." I can't promise you you'll always get what you're looking for and if you decide you want to keep doing it or not is up to you.
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  16. ^.- Did you edit your post?! Kind of strange behaviour...
  17. Although I completely agree with Jeremy, I would also like to give you encouragement to continue with this project. Done well, it could make ours, senior staffs', and admins' jobs a little easier. If it does make our jobs easier, I assure you that you will be recognized for it in good time.

    Of course it's not going to help that the first 11 comments aren't questions or answers to be added to your FAQs. But maybe things will turn around in the next 11 comments.
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  18. What I said wasn't really to discourage anyone from doing things, but more so encourage people to do it for the right reasons. It's like the moderator situation. Those who ask and ask to be a moderator, usually don't fit the mold to be one. You'll notice most that are mods now, never even mentioned being a moderator or had the thought run through their heads. They just help out of pure nature.
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  19. On that whole "being a moderator" thing: although it's often enjoyable and adds another dimension to an already spectacular game and great community, it is also filled with frustration. Frustration of the lack of evidence to help some people, and frustration that some people just don't learn from their mistakes. It's not all roses and candy like some of the applicants think it will be. It's filled with a lot of digging through logs, tough mature decisions, and wisdom forged through a lot of life experiences. For example, despite our occasional jokes, I don't think any of us enjoy banning people (although after enough trouble, it becomes pleasant to ban specific people) and we'd rather see them reform themselves after kicks and temp bans. One thing that becomes clear when reading through the thread on submitting an application to become a mod is that many applicants have no interest in the grunt work, difficult decisions, or wisdom required to do the job well.

    MR2R2M, perhaps a note on this could be added to your FAQs.
  20. In terms of these FAQs, if anybody has a suitable answer to the question "How do i get rupees?", which new players sometimes ask, then there's one that could be added to the list?

    In terms of the FAQ idea, would it be an idea to use this thread more as a database of information from which future additions to the Empire Guide could possibly be drawn? Because, pinned or not, players are more likely to read the Guide than the forums, if they're like me when i first started.