Empire Creation Showcase!

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  1. So Stads and I were thinking of making a YouTube series showcasing the magnificent and amazing builds of the Empire! This will be a way of showing all of YouTube how awesome the Empire is and hopefully bringing in lots of new Players! From the Far Reaches of the Wild to the incredible Buildings, Shops, Castles and more that town has to offer.

    Join Stads and NINJATTILA as they Showcase the Creations of the Empire!

    How do I submit a creation?
    Please submit the following form:
    [LEFT][COLOR=#3366ff][B]Creation Title:[/B][/COLOR] [What is the creation called][/LEFT]
    [LEFT][COLOR=#3366ff][B]Creator:[/B][/COLOR] [Who made the creation][/LEFT]
    [LEFT][COLOR=#3366ff][B]Owner:[/B][/COLOR] [Who owns the creation][/LEFT]
    [LEFT][COLOR=#3366ff][B]Server:[/B][/COLOR] [1, 2, Utopia][/LEFT]
    [LEFT][COLOR=#3366ff][B]Residence:[/B][/COLOR] [If it's at an outpost say OUTPOST][/LEFT]
    [LEFT][COLOR=#3366ff][B]Vocal Chat:[/B][/COLOR] [Are you able to speak with us using a microphone][/LEFT]
    [LEFT][COLOR=#3366ff][B]Brief Description:[/B][/COLOR] [tell us a little about the creation][/LEFT]
    In order to submit a creation to be considered for the series you will need to reply to this thread using the following format. (Copy and paste the code in 'BB Code Editor' then edit in normal editor ;)) (Thanks to Stads for this bit ;))

    Or you can copy and paste the following and fill in your details!