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  1. Hey guys!

    I'm in the process of 'updating' the Wiki Team to be the Contributor Team. What started out as just helping out with the Wiki has now expanded to also helping with the Empire Official Blog as well. We may come up with other ways to help as well in the future.

    With that said, I've created a more up to date application for those who wish to be a part of this team. I will be choosing people more often for this team than we do for moderators. This is a clean slate application, so if you filled out any in the past for just the wiki, please fill out this one again if you're interested in being a part of this team.

    I will also preface this with asking you the same as we do for all applications and not ask myself or other staff about your status or if we got the application. If you submit it and it brought you to a thank you page, it worked. Also, when we choose players for the team and announce them, please don't message me asking why you didn't personally get picked. These applications get a ton of submissions and we simply can't choose everyone. It is partially a numbers game.

    Part of being chosen is following the instructions in the above paragraph. Not following the simple instructions will disqualify you from being chosen.

    That being said, here is the application:

  2. Hmm should I join or na?
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  3. I'm getting an error when I visit the link. It says that the document isn't published...
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  4. Grr...dumb google. Let me work it out.
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  5. Works now! :D
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  6. Cool. Good luck to all the appliers! :)
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  7. I would apply because i love EMC, and i want to help it out.
    But to keep the gramma and wiki pages at the best quality i better not apply ;)
  8. ...Fixed it.. :p
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  9. mm, no fancy embedment of the forms this time? D:
  10. If you embed it into the forums, sometimes it will glitch up and not save your text. My English teacher found this out the hard way!
  11. Good luck to everyone that applies! :D
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  12. We need bumage, good luck everyone, and may the staff be ever in your favor
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  13. Do you really get "tons of submissions"?
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  14. Logically speaking, we have ~73,000 members. If only 1% of those apply, that is ~730 applications and there were only 5 people appointed to the wiki team originally. Which means only ~0.01% of the 1% I used as a reference would get hired. :oops:
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  15. 73000 members registered on the website. Nothing like 73000 members active at the forums :p
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  16. Hence why I used 1% as the reference number for people applying because only about 15-20% of that 73000 are on the forums regularly and 15-20% is a generous number.. It probably closer to 12-15% or even 10%, if not lower.
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  17. As I am not going to apply, I wish the best to the people to who do get chosen!
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  18. Can you please give more info on the jobs these people have to do who are on the team? I'm confused as to wheather they watch the Wiki/blog or both and what their job is in the first place.
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  19. Click on the application and the first paragraph explains it. :)
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