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  1. I have renamed "Wiki Team" to "Contribution Team" for visual user titles on the forums as they now will be helping with more than just the Wiki (Blog and possible future things).

    We also have two new members to the team today. Everyone welcome:

    • bemvino87
    • kevdudeman
    Thanks everyone!

    PS - Remember you can apply to the team with the following application:

  2. errr merr gurrd!

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  3. Congratulations and welcome to the team to both of them! :)
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  4. Congratulations to all new Contributor Team members! :D
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  5. Congrats guys! I am sure you will make a great contribution to the team!
    see what i did there?
  6. imma be honest, I don't think changing a title should be priority over checking the suggestions forum, but oh well. :/ Congrats to kevdudeman and bemvino!
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  7. Huh?
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  8. Thanks to all the people who post congratulations above and below this post :cool:
    I'm really excited to help out here, but that should be a given!
  9. Well, a title can be changed in under a minute depending on how fast your internet is.

    Anyways, congrats to you guys! :D
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  10. I don't want to sound rude or anything, but I haven't really seen much suggestions added to EMC for a while. (excluding the EMC games, which isn't a plug-in or anything.... Or is it?)
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  11. The suggestions forum is more for me than it is for IcecreamCow... It's not like he has to wait for me to get to something before he can make changes :)

    As for your overall complaint - We are in the middle of very large changes and avoiding straying off the path until Dragon Tombs is done.

    We can't accept every suggestion either.

    Is there a specific post you are referencing?
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  12. Not exactly specifying any specific post or so, but perhaps at least suggestions can be officially responded to; yes, no, maybe so? Anyways, I don't want to get too off-topic, so...potato. <---totally not off-topic.
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  13. I feel this is appropriate.

    (click the rats! Click dem!)
  14. Yes, please. Put that in the suggestion box.
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  15. Thanks guys! :D Can't wait to get started Wiki-ing and blogging!
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  16. Congrats, guys. You deserve it. :)
  17. Congratulations to the both of you :D
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  18. Welcome to the team kev and bem :)
    Also, to anyone who wants to apply, you can also apply here
  19. err ma gerd bemvino is my bff!!
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  20. Congratulations Guys! :)
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