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  1. First. I'll check it out.
  2. Yay, more blog posts!
  3. Yup.

    Honestly I'd like the blog a lot better if they did videos.
    I'm a good reader, it's just very annoying when you have to read three meaningless paragraphs to cut to the chase.
    I like videos because you jump in the moment you press play, and you don't have to read 'becuz grindin' aint cool nuff u shood just go 2 town and tak 2 peepl' for three paragraphs.

    I mean I like the blog post. It's persuading the same thing me and fluff are, it's just.. Boring.
    Sorry if I hurt anyone here.
    It is a great blog post, Kev. Just more people should use video.

    This is meant to be constructive criticism, as I don't stop at telling what the problem is, I tell how to fix it too.

    A lot of contributors have video software of sorts, and I would want to watch those more than read.
    Again, this is my opinion, and I seriously don't want to hurt anyone. I enjoyed it Kev, and can't wait to see what blog post is next ;)
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  4. Really? It's a blog, not a vlog. I'd rather read because I don't want to listen to someone read 3 paragraphs to me. Also Kyle your post really doesn't even need to be here. Atleast Zombie had some reasons behind saying he didn't want to read it.

    "Excuse me teacher, I don't wanna read this book it's boring, could you just record it on youtube and give us the link?"
  5. Coming soon:

    ISMOOCH's Empire Blog read along video service.
  6. Like those audio tapes in Elementary school? *reads to you* DING! TURN THE PAGE!
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  7. Not really like a tape.. More like him showing you and viding it..
    I mean for this, obviously you won't record yourself giving a social lesson, but I mean the tutorials, like for mining, or just showing pictures edited w/ something to make it like a documentary, FC Pro works nicely at this, there are some better, and much cheaper ones, but this one is easy to get familiar with. I mean, this blog post is fine, I was referring to upcoming blog posts... Don't call me lazy. I just prefer to see it, as I have an impaired imagination right now.
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  8. Sponsored by Audible, right?
  9. Wondering, does the Empire Blog stuff not belong in the Community Discussion forum rather than the General Minecraft Discussion?
  10. Not in the slightest IMO, both this post, and the blog in general can apply to all aspects of Minecraft, not just EMC
  11. Well, seeing how it is posted on the Empire Website, it is called the Empire Blog, and people from the Empire themselves are writing it, I would assume it is.
  12. When you focus on perhaps the most important thing, the content, you will see it is about Minecraft in General, and we are discussing it, so General Minecraft Discussion.