~Empire Bank Building Updates~

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  1. Since my last thread about the first bank on EMC was locked, i'm making this one to keep all the people that are interested updated in the building process! I hope this time the thread doesnt get closed. :oops:

    We will not be discussing the services provided by our bank, this thread is made merely for the updates!

    Edit : spelled merely wrong :D
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  2. When will pictures be uploaded to show the progress?
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  3. Very soon!
  4. Is this just a building of a bank, or an actual bank that will function?
  5. It will be a fully functioning bank once it has been build (it may take a while since it requiers a lot of quartz).
  6. Those are illegal
  7. Actually they're not. You can go read it in the rules. And this thread is not for discussion of the function of our bank, it's simply for explaining our build process behind it.
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  8. As long as you're only updating on us the build rather than the functions of the bank then that's alright :) You said we will not be discussing the services in the OP and Slyman said it was only for the build so that's good but make sure you give us the photos of your build so that you can properly share your creations! :D
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  9. Update #1
    - Added hedges around the property
    - Changed biome from mixed to Forest
    - Created fancy shmancy path
    - Started base of the bank with part of the pillar
    -Changed entry and leave message

    Slight Problem - almost completely out of quartz :( So any quartz donations are very well appreciated!
  10. Update #2
    - Aquired 2 beacons
    - Bought a bunch of quartz blocks (huge thanks to BitcoinDigger :D )