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  1. Okay my mob grinder was griefed. my water and hoppers were stolen,torches was placed everywhere like can a moderator find who the player was and ban him and it happened on southern frontier so the player should be perm banned.
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  2. PM a staff member in game or on the forums with information about what happened. Making a thread about it will do nothing.
    1. PM staff
    2. Tell them which SMP#
    3. List any players who you share this with (if applicable)
    4. Do not destroy anything that they put down.
    5. Wait patiently.
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  3. do not fix anything either. When the time comes to rebuild send a PM to me with a request for assistance for repair, with desired items and I will try to supply what I can.

    I know it does not change what happend but wait patiently till staff has checked over everything and told you all clear to rebuild. You have friends that you dont even know yet :)
  4. yeah, u let builder or me know what stuff got stolen and maybe we can help 2 refund it