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  1. how is emerald going to be included in the game?
    New server with emerald to mine, or just randomly added to existing servers wilderness where available?
  2. The emerald ore will spawn in extreme hill biomes that have not yet been explored. So on the live map, 15000 blocks from /wild spawn, there is just black. These black sections will have a chance of containing emerald if there is an Extreme Hill biome there.
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  3. or like 1.2.something coversion to anvil
  4. The 1.2 update of converting all map to "anvil" was a complete rewrite of the existing world code, it wasnt just to add "a few" new blocks into existing maps. I can tell you now there will NOT be a "anvil2.0" for this new update, the only way Emerald ore will be added to the game will be via a /wild reset with a new world seed, or by, as I said before, exploring the "dark" areas once 1.3 is released.
  5. My crystal ball is hazy.

    When there's an update, it'll be discussed.

    Let's just wait and see, eh?
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  6. wild reset would be amazing lol
  7. In your eyes it would, but in others its horrific.
  8. *shudders at the thought of a wild reset*
  9. cause you'se wouldnt handle to build your bases all over? huh, i think it would be exciting :)
  10. it would be horrible!!!!
  11. Wild reset:
    I would HATE that idea. (i dont live in the wild but i dont want a reset. CONFUSED YET!???!?!?!?!)
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  12. Ever see LLO. You would change your mindset in a heartbeat.
  13. if you're going to complain about us being too lazy to build our colonies all over again, than how about we go on about how lazy YOU are for not wanting to go out and generate new turf, biomes, and ores.
  14. Haha yep I think theirs about 4 months of hard work out there dealing with personal projects, the railways, Farms, "of now" closed grinders, group projects and etc. yea we don't live out there at all :p
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  15. Oh here we go again! Im on neither sode,besides i dont want a reset and i live99.9% of time in town. Im not that lazy, justweird.
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  16. i'm not talking about you - i'm talking about OP calling us lazy lol.
  17. i don't want a reset.. i'd LOVE to go out farther to get the new area's.. exploring is AWESOME

    i have a wild base i have had for months.. it is one epic of a place, i would be so upset after all my hard work just went into nothingness. :( sure its the wild, build at your res, but you don't have a great place at the towns, its so nice to be out in the wild, where only local chat works, and you don't get bombarded with annoying people. :D
  18. Maybe to make everyone happy/mad they should reset town and nether if they reset the wild :)
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  19. if thay reset the town a lot of people will leave
  20. same with the wild