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Would You Like to Have A $15 Supporter Option?

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Yes! I Would Love That! 4 vote(s) 80.0%
No! I Wouldn't Even Consider It 1 vote(s) 20.0%
  1. An Emerald Supporter would be a nice middle ground between Gold and Diamond. A level at every $5 Increment: What do you think?

    Possible Stats:
    1,000r a Day.
    3 Max Residences.
    35 Vault Pages
    TNT Usage.
    Name in Green.

    Also, Getting A Block of whatever Level you bought would be a nice little touch.
    And yes, I would personally buy it if you added it.
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  2. I forget where but I think this has already been suggested. Give me a minute to find it...
    EDIT: I found it here. A moderator has said it won't happen.
  3. This has been suggested many times and unfortunately not going to happen :/

    Plus the moderators names are in green :p But the benefits do look nice, I must say
  4. Sorry that theres two of these. Can't figure out how to delete them.
  5. Just contact a moderator. they should be able to get rid of it if you can't.
  6. It is just a mistake, I have posted stuff someone already recomended too. Just ask a mod to close it.