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Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by Gadget_AD, Jun 27, 2013.

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  1. I have been thinking for a while now and I really do think that there should be an Emerald Supporter. Like Iron Gold and Diamond Emerald would be the biggest one you could get. It could be all the stuff like hide from live map, get in when server is full but you could have up to 5 residences and you would be able to use tnt on other people's residences. Diamond would only let you use tnt on your residence but Emerald would let you do both.
    There would also be an increase in money, you would be able to get 1,900 rupees sign in bonus.
    I think all this would be about $27. People will say it is very expensive for what your getting but I'm sure you guys could think of more ideas for Emerald supporter if it was going to be one.
    But...best of all we would be supporting the Empire!
    Post your thought and ideas here.
  2. No i dont think youd ever be able to use tnt on other peoples res
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  3. Yeah but they would have to let you by giving you a flag like /res pset Gadget_AD tnt true

  4. EDIT: Ninja'd :p
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  5. Lol
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  6. i dont think this will happen.
    4 residences is enouph i think, having five would probably take some residences off new players, and the tnt on other peoples residences thing is NOT a good idea.
    I think we should stay with the 2 supporters ranks for some time.
  7. I think the biggest issue here is that the green nametags are already being used xD
  8. I love the idea had the same one befor but only problem is what name color green is mod and light green is snr.staff

    Other greens won't do good witch going into emerald

    Edit: I totally didn't read the guys post above mine :p
  9. Have a server for emerald supporters :p
  10. I think you mean 3 ranks

    Edit:I post too much now a days
  11. Stormboy, have you ever heard of the edit button? :p

    I'm not sure this is really necessary, wouldn't really hurt anything though.
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  12. This has been suggested before, and really it's not worth the trouble to get into explaining again.
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  13. you already can use tnt on others res, just need the flag.....this seems like your taking away a perk from diamonds
  14. I agree, even green and light green name tags are already taken
  15. Can you? Never knew that.
  16. Ok instead of emerald we could do lapis! The names would be blue.
  17. The Staff has no plans of adding any supporter packages such as Redstone or Emerald Supportership... or Lapis
  18. Well that's the end of this thread. :(
    (Not to be rudeā€¦ :) )
  20. Please don't take this to your offence but, I see no need in adding more supporter packages. Diamond gives you all the perks you would need. Also for a lot of people paying more than $20 a month is seen as expensive, if you wish to donate more than $20 then you can do it via the donate feature on the rupees page. :)
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