Emerald Paradise

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  1. Emerald Paradise
    The purpose of this service is to supply emeralds as fast as possible to my customers. Let it be known that although my prices might be a little bit higher then other supply businesses, I get them to you twice if not 10x as fast :). Thank you for your order.

    SC = 38k
    DC = 70k :)

    How to order
    - Place your orders only through Pm's and not this thread.
    - Customers will receive their emeralds within 2-3 days of my confirmation that the order is in process. Sometimes I would get it within a day but no guarantee that it will be within a day.
    - In the event that you did not get it within a week of my pm you will get a 10% discount.
    -In your pm provide the information below.

    Amount - SC or DC?
    Deadline - (2-3 days is the minimum if you don't need it right away it be nice to know) :)
    Pick up or delivery? (Pick up will be at 2317. If you want delivery pm location)

    Red = Working on an order
    Green = No order in process

    Number of Orders Completed: 2
    Enjoy your Emeralds
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  2. Forgot to bump Lol z.z Bump
  3. *Bump*

    Changed the ordering service to only Emeralds.
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  4. 13.02r per emerald. It's a good idea!
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  5. I think your calculating wrong :p. You probably took the SC cost which is 45,000 and divided by 3456 which is DC worth. Unless you mean 13.02r was a suggestion for me.
  6. Ahh I think I did. My bad.
  7. How do you get them? Do you have an emerald factory? :)
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  8. I see dat size7 change. :O
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  9. Whats most important here is paper :). I got 2 60x60 sugarcane farm and planing to make a 3rd. I guess patience is also another. Above in the OP I stated that customers recieve their emeralds withing 2-3 days of my reply but usually I can get it done in a day just to let you all know :). Hope more order soon so I can hit a million rupees. Almost there.
  10. I recently got a double chest of Exp Bottles, and it was really hard since the villagers change their trade after a while :( How do you manage to get so many emeralds in one day?
  11. If you get lucky you get a priest with emeralds as its last trade so it stays forever.
  12. It does? Only with priests?
  13. Priests are the only ones with emeralds i think.
    However, the odds of it happening are slim.
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  14. Yeah, but I will definitely try that out :)
  15. Librarians* The 8th trade of a villager with white cloths must be paper --> emeralds for an infinite paper villager :)

    I wouldn't advise trying to get one as it took me a few days of constantly trading with various villagers for mine.. +10,000 rupees later.. It's not worth it unless you have a reasonably large sugarcane farm. (Large enough so that you can make lots of money with the villager)
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  16. Have you got many orders?