Emerald inc. Farm Building

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  1. Victrix inc. Farm Building
    Hello EMC, Emerald inc. is now building Farms such as iron farms and automatic crop farms in the wild and on residences.
    Iron Golem Farm (Can put two together to double production rates)-10,000r
    Automatic crop harvester (3 6 wide sections)-5,000r
    Auto Chicken Farm (Produces cooked chicken and feathers)-5000r
    Auto Sugarcane harvester-2,500r
    Mob grinders (skeleton and zombie)-7,500r
    Semi Auto Cow/Pig Farm-1,000r

    Auto wool farm (must be holding right click afk)-1,000r
    Small 10x10 house cobble and wood-500r
    Skins (bit off subject but Ice_lightning99 makes them)-1,000r
    Terms and Conditions
    If the product needs building more than 1000 blocks away then you will be charged. This will be discussed in a PM.
    I will never reveal an outposts location or any other private information.
    If you order more than one product you will get a Discount depending on how many products you bought and how expensive they are.
    Products can be paid with Diamonds (50r each)
    If you want another type of farm that isn't here please ask me and I'll add to the list or decline it.


    Order Form

    Alts name:
    server & if in wild:

    If PM please include me xothis_dwarf and Ice_Lightning99
    Ark_Warrior1/Ark_Warrior2 Cow and chicken farm 5,750r 3425-Paid and Done
  2. Please say if the prices are to high or other problems and any ideas for buildings
  3. How many cell for the iron farm?
  4. The auto chicken farms do not work easily. It is much better to have a button to harvest. I also suggest having a semi-auto cow farm, for the steak and leather.
  5. Trust me my own design of chicken farm works come to 9500 mall and find the way underground and go inside the cobble building and thanks for the input I will add semi auto cow farms.
  6. The same price as the first but with a discount so 2 cells (would make 1 golem every 3 mins) would be 25k but I would do it for 24k
  7. You are a little high on your numbers. 8k per cell sounds like a better price
  8. 10k it is :p
  9. bumpzzz!!! c'mon guys!
  10. Name:Ark_Warrior1
    Alts name:Ark_Warrior2
    Product: Cow, pig and chicken farms
    Price:5750 or 6500 if the pig and cow ones are seperate
    server & if in wild: Smp2 3425
  11. can a mod please change the title to 'Victrix inc. Farm Building'
  12. guys, the farms are AMAZING you should definitely buy one!
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  13. When I get the rupees, I'll be interested in a cow farm
  14. only 1k you can pay us in diamonds too
  15. I got the cow farm. I love it
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  16. How many diamonds? I'm kinda out, so I'll probably use rupees? Is there a possibility of a enchant trade? Give you some enchants instead;)