EMC's soon to be largest auction.. ever

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  1. Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls.. prepare the drumroll please, as I, Bunkerllama, have decided my main goal in minecraft? Auction off 100 double chests of 1) Paper 2) Sugar Cane 3) Sugar. So, in total 300 double chests of items. Thats right. 300. Im done here.
  2. ...The transporting time...
    The vault pages..
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  3. Well.. Uh, good luck with that... I hope you've started already?
  4. Yes, Lol
    Id transport :)
  5. Using the highest possible vaulting efficiency (i.e. tossing 18 stacks on the floor so you can vault an entire DC with one charge) it will cost 6k to transport XD
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  6. thats no problem
  7. How will you get all this stuff!!!???
  8. two 60x60 multi level sugar cane farms. :)
  9. )_( Even Random doesn't have that huge of a.... nvm...
  10. it takes a little to chop it all down. But itll be worth it :)