EMC's Legends

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Are there legendary players in EMC?

Yes. 43 vote(s) 79.6%
No. 11 vote(s) 20.4%
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  1. Legends of EMC…who are they? What have they done? This thread has been made to honor these legends.
  2. So what do we do on this thread?
  3. JackBiggin does a lot for the community. Not to mention JustinGuy with the rest of our great staff. :)

    Not Aikar and IcecreamCow, they just ruin the economy. ;)

    How many times can I fit that joke into a post with it making sense?
  4. Do what.jpg

    I feel the same way.
  5. Pick someone who you consider legendary and worthy of the title EMC Legend and we either say yes and awarded them, or no.
  6. JackBiggin for helping and doing alot for the community. He is also my slave when it comes to the Creation Station :D (I joined it up with the EMC Wiki :p)

    All of the members of staff.
    And me for being a dragon and inventing a creation sharing site for EMC (you'll appreciate my discussions with Justin and ICC, along with my ideas and Jack's many hours of coding when it arrives).

  7. Not to be mean...
    But I think it is just a bit selfish to be like "I am a legend..."
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  8. I was messing :p I'm actually quite insecure. I don't consider myself an EMC legend.
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  9. Alexchance
    Are Legendary
  10. Just making sure... ;)
  11. im lengend.. wait for it... DARY
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  12. I don't know about PT…I mean cheating and all.
    I support the rest of them.
  13. I also nominate SecretAznEks. He's been one of the most respected players on EMC.
  14. Icecreamcow

    All of the above names are definitely legends.
  15. * Quietly puts hand up*
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  16. Oh yes, and legit :p
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  17. Wouldn't IcecreamCow be Legendairy? :rolleyes:
  18. Ok. Since we are seeing so much repitition on who is legendary, I'm tweaking it to members we should honor.
  19. PThagaard Did a Shop
    Happyshopper Did a Shop
    JackBiggin For helping alot
    Staff For making the server what it is!
    Supporters for keeping the server online!
  20. Both now banned for hacking or something like that so they lost their status!

    Me because im exactly:

    261 Days!
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