EMC's Largest Public Tree Farm

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Would you use this to collect your wood resources?

yes 11 vote(s) 73.3%
no 0 vote(s) 0.0%
maybe 4 vote(s) 26.7%
  1. When I wrote one of my books I decided to practice what I preach. Pay it forward, and being kind.
    So along with Sachrock and luckycmusic45 I began built the biggest tree farm on all of EMC. Each level is 60x60 and it has every tree found on Minecraft. The best part is yet to come. All you do is provide your own axe and come chop away for FREE! Replanting is appreciated. I am so proud that I was able to get this build done and operating to help those who may not have the tools to endure the wastelands. Nor the rupees to buy them. Here they can come get them, free, and without worry of being killed. I hope that everyone enjoys.

    It is /v +forest located on SMP6.

    Come by and see us!

    Peace & Love,

    Skitz <3
  2. I just wanted to say that I've gotten a ton of use out of your farm and that I plan to use it many more times in the future!! Thank you so much for providing this for everybody to use!!
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  3. Thanks it means a lot.

    Due to greifings i am having to remove the beacon from the res as we have had many people steal the iron blocks which powers the beacon, it is a shame that i have to do this but i am not spending more rupees just so people can steal them.
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  4. Oh no! That's super unfortunate. D: I've noticed a couple of times that the beacon wasn't working but generally it was because it couldn't see the sky and that was a simple fix. I don't even get why people would take something like iron, considering that emc has a number of public iron farms that are highly efficient...
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  5. That's terrible. And I stopped by at the tree farm, looking good =D
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  6. Thank you all so much for your support of this! I love the idea that you are getting good use out of it! Also yes the griefing is nothing that is going to defer me and my dream that I have for this server. People are selfish. Heck if they need the iron that bad and dont want to collect it on their own, all they have to do is ask me I give people items for free all the time. Just ask. But I hate it having haste when collecting helps. But it takes one person. But I will not close the farm because someone is selfish and mean. But again thank you guys so much!

    Peace & Love,

    ~Skitz <3
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  7. Have you thought of surounding the beacon in furnaces and then placing two blocks of glass, one on top of the other, over the beacon with the bottom jutting down so you can place a restrict sign on it? I'm not sure if it works like that but it sounds like something that might work? I would be happy to donate the iron if it does, I've got bunches :)

    Also, have you thought of placing some sort of caps over the oak trees? If you place them, I believe, ten blocks above the sapling it'll prevent them from growing super big and getting those annoying branches.
  8. I have not considered that stuff however, I will now! Yes that will definitely help the oak trees, they get kinda unruly lol. I will look into the beacon idea. And thank you for wanting to supply the iron! That means a lot! I will let you know if we can get it to work!
    Thanks a ton!

    Peace & Love,

    ~Skitz <3
  9. No problem! Like I said, I use the farm a lot and I really appreciate what you've done for the server and I wanted to put out some ideas that I thought might make your lives easier :)
  10. We have suffered another major greifing incident(seen below). We are rebuilding, and the birch floor will be up as soon as possible.
  11. Thank you Sach! Whew almost there! I have an interview for res spotlight tonight! Way excited!! Thank you guys so much for helping me repair!!
  12. This tree farm has been griefed multiple times, mainly by destroying the tp signs, so i have made res locations for each of the floors so that if there is no tp signs people can still get to the farms, the res locs are:

    /v +forest - for oak
    /v +forest birch
    /v +forest acacia
    /v +forest spruce
    /v +forest darkoak
    /v +forest jungle
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  13. This is great ill stop by later to check it out and get some wood :D

    And im sorry that people are griefing this :(
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  14. surround the beacon in locked chest :D
  15. We don't have a beacon at the moment but if we decide to then we will surround it in furnaces :)