EMC's Front Line Of Defence

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by Mindlegokid, Feb 21, 2013.

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    Hello EMCers, I have decided to start a little book series called:

    EMC's Front Line Of Defence!

    This book series is based on EMC obviously and consists of various mob invasions invading town, mysterious you may ask? Yes. What I am looking for is real EMC players to star in this book. There is no certain rule against putting youself forward for this any player may do it. Before I start asking for submissions here a little view of it:

    As Mindlegokid stepped forward looking upon the dead field many swords most of them shattered into millions of tiny little peices. Remains of Zombies, Skeletons and most of all Creepers lay there dead on the outskirks of town. Mindlegokid went deep into his mind to find a solution to stop this, he found nothing. Aikar knows what will happen tonight...

    Hopefully that gave you a brief overview of what it may be about.

    I am looking for these roles:

    Local Shop owner. Gotta have one.
    The Three Rich Fellas. Again, gotta have them.
    Secretary of EMC Defence.
    The Fellowship of EMC. (Lord of the Rings reference)
    Poor Farmers.
    The Mods. We have them already.

    Want to apply?

    Here ye go:

    Time on EMC:

    Happy applying. :)
  2. Runningrhino
    310 days
    Shop owner
  3. Sounds like a fun idea.
    Name: nick5013
    Server: smp7
    Time on EMC: Not sure what you mean by this, if it means how long I've been playing for, then 36 days.
    Role: Poor Farmer
  4. Name: 72Volt
    Server: SMP5
    Time on EMC: Longer than Maxarias.
    Role: I would like to disregard all the roles you have reccommended. Instead, at some point in the book, you are obliged to have me make a lava wall around Town to defend from the mob invasion. Thank you and good day.
  5. Name: Jake_bagby
    Server: SMP 4
    Time on EMC: 204 days
    Role: Secretary of EMC Defense
    This all sounds like good fun! :D
  6. Name: Kman122000
    Server: SMP3
    Time on EMC: 400 days
    Role: Fellowship of EMC
  7. ...Ah, what the heck.

    Name: Kephras
    Server: SMP8
    EMC Resident: 361 Days
    Role: That crazy hermit guy who lives on an impossible-to-reach sky island and rains fire charges down on any poor mob stupid enough to get near the place...

    I don't expect to make an appearance, but if so, come in daylight. ;)
  8. This sounds cool.

    Name: cddm95ace
    Server: smp7
    EMC Resident: 314
    Role: Hmm, in EMC I am Iron Man, head of smp7's Empire Avengers, who have their HQ in Stark Tower, built on 14859. If my Avengers don't fit in the storyline, being one of the Fellowship would be lots of fun, maybe like the equivalent of Aragon (not sure if this is spelled right) or Legolas would be great. Good luck with this :)
  9. Your request for Shop Owner has been accepted. You will star in this book. :D
  10. All accepted, thank you for applying! :)
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  11. Current roles:

    Local Shop Owner: Runingrhino
    The Three Rich Fellas: No one currently.
    Secretary of EMC Defence: Jake_bagby
    The Fellowship of EMC: cddm95ace, Kman12000, (more to come hopefully)
    Poor Farmers: nick5013
    Crazy Lava Walls Guy: 72volt (There can only be one!)
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  12. I wish you luck with this.
  13. Name: creeperslayer789
    Server: smp9
    Time on EMC: 312 days
    role: fellowship of EMC (Can I be A Creeper Slayer?)
  14. fluffinator09
    Smp1 and Utopia
    ~520 days (I don't know the exact number right now, when I find it I will change it)
    Mysterious old guy who knows almost everything about EMC
  15. :D
  16. Name: yankees518
    Server: smp1, 2, 3, 5, 8, and 9 xD
    Time on EMC: About 460 days I think
    Role: Teletubbie who finds himself a wooden sword, and brutally murders all mobs in his path.
  17. Name: SoulPunisher
    Server: SMP3/SMP1
    Time on EMC: 380 Days
    Role: Aw. Why can't we have the local wilderness adventurer who comes back to town after hearing of the mob invasions? D: If I can't have that role, I choose:
    Fellowship of EMC.
  18. Name: jacob5089
    Server: smp1,2,3,4,5,6,7,9, mainly two and three though.
    Time on EMC: 403 days
    Role: The enderman slaying guy.
  19. Name: Chas
    Server: SMP2
    Time on EMC: 472 days
    Role: Fellowship of EMC!
  20. While that video is cool, there's only lava moats. Lava moats < Lava walls.