EMC's First Map Art Auction! (in-game, SMP2)

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What time is best for you? (read thread first, SMP2 players only)

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  1. Hello, EMC! Today, I'd like to announce my first map art auction! What is map art, you ask? Quite simply, it's just a plain map, but with an image on it:

    The map I'm selling this time is an ambigram of the word "vegas". "Ambigram" means that when you rotate it 180 degrees (by right-clicking the item frame twice), it looks the same as it normally does. It is not my original design, but it is public domain. I had hoped to auction several maps at once, but I had to reset my computer, and lost the pictures for the other ones. But I do plan to have more auctions if this one goes well :)

    Now before you comment or decide to come to the auction, PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING!!!
    1. You cannot transfer the map to another server; YOU CAN ONLY USE IT ON SMP2! Putting the map in /vault will corrupt the data, SO DON'T BID IN THIS AUCTION UNLESS YOU LIVE ON SMP2!!!
    2. Maps can be replicated by anyone who has a copy and a blank map. Right now, I'm the only one with a copy. If you win, there is no way someone else can get a copy unless you give it to them. You will gain the rights to sell or give away copies of the map, but if you do so, people will almost definitely make more copies. Someone will probably try to sell them, SO DON'T GIVE AWAY COPIES UNLESS YOU DON'T CARE ABOUT YOUR MAP'S RARITY!
    3. When a map updates, all other maps with that number also update. DO NOT VIEW THIS MAP IN THE LOCATION IT WAS MADE! Doing so will destroy the image on all maps with that number. This shouldn't be a problem if you don't give copies away, because the map was made in the Frontier a few thousand blocks out in the ocean. If you win the auction, I'll tell you exactly where not to go. As a backup, I'm giving you 3 different numbered maps with the same image.
    To sum it up:
    1. You can only use the map on smp2.
    2. You're allowed to make/sell as many copies as you want, but do so at your own risk.
    3. Do not view the map in the location where it was made.

    Those are the main things you need to know. If you want more information about maps, just ask in the comments below. Be sure to get your questions answered before bidding, so you know exactly what you're getting! That said, maps are a very cool thing to add to your res. They're completely unique, they have a higher resolution than paintings, and a lot of effort goes into making them. You can hold them in your hands, or you can hang them on a wall using an item frame. If you own one of these, you will be awesome. So start saving up your rupees now!

    The auction will be Saturday, August 3 at 8:00 PM US Central Time. If that's not a good time, please answer the poll above. If enough people want me to change the time, I'll change it. I wish I could do this auction via the forums, but it's not allowed. Please put this auction on your schedule!

    If you plan to come, it will help me a bunch if you comment here or tell me in-game. I want an idea of how many people will show up. Also, don't hesitate to tell your smp2 friends about this auction, because many players don't visit the forums very often.

    The auction will take place on SMP2 res 3228 (or type /v supereskimo 2). You can also see the map up close there, along with other maps I've done.

    Three last notes:
    1. You will receive a "certificate of authenticity" (a book signed by me) if you win. This will list the map numbers given to you, and serve as documentation that you own the map (but again, if you give copies away, neither I nor the staff can punish someone from owning/selling them).
    2. I have a gallery of all my completed maps. If you win the auction, you may request that this map not be displayed in the gallery (to increase its rareness). You can do this at any time.
    3. Starting price will be 2,000r (two thousand rupees). Minimum bid increase will be 100r. I'll be using the traditional "Going once, going twice, going three times, sold!" method, so be quick! Be sure to use local or residence chat if you bid! Bids made in town chat will not be accepted!

    I hope to see you there!
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  2. I'll be there!
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  3. wait what time is that in EST?
  4. It's 9 PM.
    EST is only an hour ahead of Central Time.
  5. Perfect, Ill be there :D
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  6. Bumpity Bump.
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  7. Bumpity Bump.
  8. Say something, you guys. I'm running out of songs that have "Bumpity Bump" in them.
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  9. maybe i will be there. depends on my swim meets and practices.
  10. Not sure what these guys are saying, except for Bumpity Bump.
  11. Wow, I love your map art. If you were selling on SMP5, I'd be there in a heartbeat. I would pay handsomely to have one of these. :D
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  12. Anybody else who's interested but doesn't live on smp2? Also, bump.
  13. make sure to bump this before it goes down tomorrow please :p
    (I haz trouble remembering stuffz)
  14. I'll try to bump it in the morning and then about an hour or two before the auction itself.
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  15. The auction is in about 5 and a half hours! (8:00 PM US Central Time)
    If you plan to go, it might be wise to set an alarm. I plan to start the bidding no later than 8:05.
    And remember, keep all bids in local or residence chat!
  16. so 30 mins?
  17. I can't make it. Could whoever wins sell me a copy? I will not do anything with it other than look at it
  18. Yes, 30 minutes.
    To anyone just now seeing this post, this is only for people who live on smp2, since the maps can only be viewed there.