EMC's biggest enchantment store! - 4007 SMP2

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  1. *Biggest enchantment store status subject to change, please let me know if a bigger one is elsewhere.*

    Now open, AC Inc.'s Enchantment Store sells pretty much everything a miner, explorer, fighter, digger and tree logger needs!

    Including 3 floors of enchanted pickaxes: 1st - 1 enchantment, 2nd - 2 enchantments, ect.
    and 1 largely ranged floor of misc enchanted gear (axes, swords, armour), this AC Inc. owned store can for fill your needs!

    Something I don't have? Request it and I will try my best to supply it!

    *Due to high demand, and me being the most unlucky person on Planet Earth, silk touch is currently out of stock*

    So stop by at 4007 SMP2 now!

    Buy now before stock runs out! Also have 1 silk touch + unbreaking III on auction at @ EMC auctions.

    A golden fortune III + unbreaking III available on request also. :)


    And in advance.. sorry Aikar ;)
  3. Special offer: One left!
  4. I was just wondering around and stumbled upon this not long go, it's amazing good job alex.
  5. Thank you :)
  6. u call urself unlucky... the last 10 picks i've gotten are either ubreaking III, or efficiency IV and i enchant at 40+ lvls
  7. That's a bummer... :I
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  8. Will you accept some rupees and 10 Diamond Blocks?
  9. For what pick?
  10. Can I buy a Silk Touch pick?
  11. Do you have a fortune iii unbreaking iii 3 of them
  12. Sold.
    Check 2nd floor.
  13. ===============================================================
    PRICES AND STOCK HERE: http://imgur.com/a/j8NzH#0
  14. Oops sorry I have just realised that i ahev no rupees sorry :(
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  15. - Added Silk Touch I, Unbreaking III and Efficiency III :)
  16. How many rupees?
  17. Ahh. The biggest in EMC - for now. Just wait until I come along...
    Haha. All jokes aside, I love the place. (maybe because I helped build the floor?)
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  18. 14000r
  19. Oops... :(