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  1. Hey guys I have an amazing idea that I want to share. I want to do a YouTube series called "EMCCribs" that shows off 2-3 AMAZING Res each episode. I need some help tho! I can record edit and upload BUT I need someone to do some GFX (Ill pay you! In rupees of course :) ) and Ill need some res for the videos! Hope you guys can help me and I hope you like the idea!
    Thanks for reading
  2. Great idea xeriul I am sure there are tons of people willing to help!
  3. I WILLL COUNTT ME INNNN i love editing film i use

    -imovie HD PRO
    -finalcut PRO
  4. LOL no need to get over excited ;)
  5. I can help by making a short introduction to the videos (better known as intro)
    What i use:
    - After Effects CS4
    - Premiere CS4
    - Photoshop CS4
    - Cinema 4D
    i recently made a little (50s) video for my guild, pretty basic but just to promote people coming to us!
    check it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I6FCBS2Muh0
    you can take some residences from the pilot, made by tonicthunder:

    Sorry but my software is not HD PRO MAX ULTRA MEGA PRO, it's just software.
  6. yeah i prefer ultimate customization check me out
  7. I love It how EMC is so big that we already have big and dedicated clans/groups WITHIN the server.
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  8. Wow, great job bro!
    Can you please reffer to me at gamespot?
    i mean, well since you made the video you might be gamespot owner or something, right?
    Anyways, if no at least give it a try, they might considerate because of your great work on that...
  9. no all i did was submit and i won but ill talk to the owner i met him at minecon ill see what i can do bro i got u