EMC Spotlight: Pilot [Tie Breaker]

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  1. Voting is open until Friday, April 13, 2012

    Today is the end of the initial voting for the EMC Spotlight: Pilot! To my surprise, there were 3 sets of ties that need broken! If you would like to see the results, click here!

    Just in-case you have not seen the video yet and would like to help break this tie, I have it embedded for you.

    The ladder below will be used for the rewards.

    1st Place - 10,000 Rupees.............................6th Place - 5,000 Rupees
    2nd Place - 9,000 Rupees.............................7th Place - 4,000 Rupees
    3rd Place - 8,000 Rupees..............................8th Place - 3,000 Rupees
    4th Place - 7,000 Rupees..............................9th Place - 2,000 Rupees
    5th Place - 6,000 Rupees..............................10th Place - 1,000 Rupees

    NOTE: If there are multiple users that worked on a residence, and that residence happens to win a spot in the Top 10, the owner of the residence will receive the reward. If the owner would like to message me what they will do with the earnings, we can arrange that.

    If there are two residences joined by two different players, the rewards will be split equally by me.

    This information was added to resolve future conflict

    It appears that Eclipsys and Amadai have secured their positions, with Eclipsys being in 1st Place, and Amadai being in Second!

    The rewards will be sent on the absolute final stage of the contest.

    Now we must break up the ties between:
    Hasorko and NurseKillJoy
    32japan1, Squizzel_Boy, and Dark_Liz
    BloodDisciple, Yukon1200, and NinjaWolfElite

    Please vote to help break up the ties! Hopefully this will determine the final outcome of this contest!

    Rules for the last voting thread apply here as well. Don't submit votes twice, and do not vote for yourself if you are one of the contestants. Thank you. :)

  2. FIRST!
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  3. Double LOL!
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  4. Wow I tied WTF xD
  5. This is some intense stuff....Go Everyone FTW!
  6. Woops! The voting button was broken! Thanks Yukon1200 for catching that!

    You all should be able to vote now. :)
  7. Thanks... Do when does this end?
  8. :)
  9. Great! So I have all week to vote and get rupees?
  10. Voting does not reward you rupees. This is for voting on who you feel was the best in the Empire Minecraft Spotlight Video, a tie breaker between three groups. The winners of the contest will be rewarded rupees.
  11. Oo ok thanks for everything!
  12. *sigh* :c I didn't make it.. O well.... There is always other chances for other times ^_^
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  13. :) well nice trying and happy easter
  14. SPOTLIGHT. Y U no pick me?
  15. wow... i havent been online for some days... now im back!! am i on 4th place??
  16. ill try your shop 32japan1
  17. You tied with others. We need the tie broken through this last voting. :)
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  18. When is the next EMC spotlight. I got a house in my res which I think is pretty good to my opinion.
  19. This spotlight was called a "pilot" to test this whole "Spotlight" idea. This test allows me to see what I need to work on, and what needs to be changed/added.

    So basically, I'm not sure when/if there will be another one. It all depends on my schedule and if this seems like something I am willing to do for an extended period of time. :)