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  1. January 19, 2015
    Congratz to Alyattayla for creating the embodiment of fear.

    She's even ashamed of it.

    Meanwhile pat2011 gets tired of having actually point at a crafting table...

    ...and staff try to hold onto the holiday spirit through mid January.

    Bitemenow15 involuntarily reveals his opinion of florida,

    JJtheWise took the best timed shot ever,

    and mman2832's museums are popping up like a fast food franchise.

    I always end up with a collection of neat screenshots that fill up my folder and never get shared with anyone, so I made this, don't be surprised if more of these show up in the future.
  2. That Florida one made me laugh
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  3. Me too.
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  4. heh, I remember the dispenser arrow shot.
    Guess I should remove the Rudolphs too :p
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