EMC Youtubers List!

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  1. EMC Youtubers!

    Lately I have been wondering what
    EMC members have youtube channels and
    I also am wondering who is the
    most famous EMC youtuber?

    I want this to be a group thing.
    I am going to make a list of the
    EMC youtubers I know then
    in the comments say any I missed/
    didn't know about.
    Well anyways here is the list I know about!
    I am also going to say their amount
    of subscribers and there youtube name.
    Also as more replies with youtube channels
    come in I will add them to my list!

    VITIRI, 205 Subscribers Youtube: ViTiRi
    floflo180 was removed because he lied about having that channel....
    Bloodra1n and pascal1881, 49 Subscribers Youtube: Damage Reduction
    Kman122000, 5 Subscribers Youtube:ShadowKman1220
    QuarterStop, 735 Subscribers Youtube: MiarcBros
    sambish20, 308 Subscribers Youtube:TheSambish20
    Dj__Krazy, 14 Subscribers Youtube: Dj__Krazy
    607, 54 Subscribers Youtube: supermariobrosdeluxe
    golddigger221, 19-21 Subscribers Youtube: Mariomash1VG and Mariomash1TCG
    adondrabkin, 212 Subscribers Youtube: AdinDoesGaming
    wisepsn ,19 Subscribers Youtuber: EMCElijah
    yankees518, 50 Subscribers Youtube: JustHereToCreep
    IronicSwordPlay, 70 Subscribers Youtube:Slowkinggamer

    Remember to post in the comments
    EMC players youtube channels that are
    not in this list!
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  2. I use to do YouTube, but I'm taking a break for a few months for school and real life obligations. Feel free to check it out tho :)

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  4. I only have 53, my youtube channel's named supermariobrosdeluxe. But it's not that much about the subscribers for me, because I upload seemingly random content anyway. Although, a few months ago I've started a series that I'm still doing, but of course I also keep uploading other videos.
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  5. Thanks for all the replies already! Also as you post channels in the description I will add them to my list!
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  6. (my channel name is supermariobrosdeluxe by the way, but some of my videos (especially the older ones) fail hard, so be prepared! :p)
  7. Ugh I always wonder how do you make those cool things about your player like for instance how did you make your signature thing saying all your stuff etc. I want one lol
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  8. The link to mine is in my signature, but I got two just to post: one is called
    Mariomash1VG subs: 19
    the other is called
    Mariomash1TCG subs: 21
    I don't do minecraft on the TCG one the VG one is where all my minecraft vids are, also my vids are outdated and I don't even upload anymore, but my next few vids should be in by Christmas :)
  9. Okay you should remember me? I did something for you. lol well I am working on a 1000th day party now which will be giving away 4 Diamond Vouchers, 4 Gold Vouchers, and 4 Iron Vouchers :) Well at least that is my current plan. Also my first account is brttmeow so only 82 days till 1000th
  10. youtube.com/AdinDoesGaming
    212 subs
  11. Just keep coming in don't they :I lol
  12. I think there are threads with people making those for money. You could of course also just kindly ask someon with such a signature how they got it.
  13. If you noticed why I replied to I did reply to TechFilmer but he is not replieing. I am editing my comment and I noticed it sounds like I am talking jiberish
  14. ?:confused:
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