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  1. Are you a dedicated EMC'er? Are you good at math? Then I need YOU to help me with this year-long test. Starting Jan. 1st, I need you to give me ONE number. That number is the AVERAGE number of OPEN PLOTS on SMP1-SMP9. DO NOT INCLUDE UTOPIA! Please PM me the number. I will check on Saturdays. It is so I can see the amount of people that have open plots throughout the year. This post is early so I can accept new people. The formula you should use is:


    Please send them in this format:
    Title: Date you checked the stats you are sending
    Body: Average of all open plots on all emc servers, not counting utopia.

    For example:
    September 19, 2012
    52 open plots
  2. Just a tip for anyone doing this: You can use /res list JustinGuy [1/2/3/4/5/6/...] and count the number of reses that show up who's name appears as a number. Res list is per server, so you'll have to check each server though.
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  3. If only I didn't have discalculculia :mad:
  4. Your computer has a calculator installed by default.
  5. Want us to post it here? You can do this even through the website lol.
  6. Yup, I know. It's just I have a weird thing in my mind where I feel I must do things independently. I do have some exceptions, like with help on my homework from my parents, or with some coding.
  7. Math? Math! Math.
    I HATE math.
  8. I feel you bro.
  9. Just PM me so this thread isn't overloaded.
    Oh, and since this thread is going to be used for over a year, please know it is not rude to post here.
    Let's see if we can get a mod to help!
  10. My teacher can't teach, spends no more than one day on topics, and instead of checking homework like a normal teacher, she gives us a homework quiz every week.
  11. Good thing about dyscalculia: You can sit there thinking about things that will never happen and they'll think you're stuck on a question, so they give you the answer.
  12. Hah! Teachers helping me! Hah! The very idea! People think I'm some kind of genius, but I CANNOT DO MATH. Everyone always says it's, "Lack of effort. Just flat out lack of effort". LIES.
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  13. 1 question,

    But seriously, why do we need this?
    And can you honestly expect people to keep this up for a year?
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  14. Well how about this. let the guy do his own thing and lets see if you can be disencurenging for a year.
  15. k fine, I doubt he was letting me stop him, but I don't see the point of doing it.
  16. That's exactly how my algebra teacher teaches.
  17. honestly it's not thta hard to do this just a bit time consuming... Why not do it yourself lol?
  18. Ok. It is to do a graph on the amount of open plots to see if they go down during the winter. If so, then we can move to Part Two, requesting for a longer derelict policy during school times. (September-March/June) I also need everyone to help because I may not be able to during the weekday. You could also do this and show it to your teacher for extra credit...
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  19. Then why not just request it now?
    The open res count is only going to keep going down as new people join anyway.
  20. What's this about? What do you gain from it? What do we gain of this? What is the purpose? I still don't know what this is about...
    All I understood:

    PM some res numbers from servers and blah blah stuff.

    Me= ????