EMC Voltz War Team 2 recruitment

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  1. I am leader of team 2 for the official EMC Voltz war. If you would like to join, post here if you meet these requirements.
    Member of EMC for at least 50 days
    Be at least slightly experienced with Voltz
    Be able to make the time provided
    Be loyal and trustworthy
    I am looking for a good team.
    Will you participate in the EMC Voltz war for team 2? I hope so.
    Current roster: bitemenow15
    Original Post: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/emc-voltz-war.23825/
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  2. Bump for Team Jacob :p
  3. i want to get in on this, always missed every EMC event, im GREAT at voltz, and understand everything but the nuclear reactors.. i think i fit the criteria, PM me if im accepted :)
  4. your alive? I'll send you a pm soon.
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  5. Sign me up ;)
    I might not be able to make the starting time though, but I can after that.
  6. Team Jacob lolz. Well at least we can be called the "Nuclear Werewolves" instead of Team 2.
  7. wut i want in althoiugh after reading both threads im not entirely sure what the point is
  8. In I'll start a message.
    Is this a application or?...
    Your In!
    I will consider it deeply.
    Your in- there will be multiple teams fighting to get the most points in a large scale game. It's complicated to explain, fluff did a good job though. Search for thread EMC Voltz war thread for full details.
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  9. Jacob can you add a roster to your OP?
  10. ahhh you should link the original thread in your op
  11. also someone linke me to a guide on voltz servers (im a fast learner)
    and how to voltz enable my computadora

    edit: idk why i didnt edit my first post, derp
    also google lead me to this:
    http://www.technicpack.net/voltz/ for any who like me dunno what this is or how to build things, if your gonna be playing you should research what goes into being successful in voltz maps
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  12. i want to be in. i love voltz and I am currently making futuristic war setting with the voltz modpack on surival might i add.
  13. can you sign my brother up to? luke_frenette he wants to participate, but my mom wont let him on the computer atm because of testing.
  14. how long will until he will be able to get back on
  15. not long, we will make the Spawn-In, i would say this weekend.
  16. jacob when you get the chance put a roster in the op also invite everyone on your roster into a conversation so we can set up coms and work out who is going to do what on spawn in
  17. i
    second this.
  18. I would like to apply. I don't have any experience with Voltz but I will practice and I am already a hardcore survivor. So sign me up!
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  20. Both in.
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