EMC Userbar {Criticism Needed!}

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  1. So today I decided that I was going to try Adobe Photoshop and try and make a userbar. I was interested when I was looking at userbars at this Website, so I decided I would like to give it a go.


    Please tell me what you think, I want to make it better and make other players try and support the empire or just look "cool" with it! Opinions strongly needed! Thank you. :)

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  2. What's wrong with the one we have :p
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  3. Oh no no no, I never said that this could "replace" the banners. I just wanted to make this so people could also put this in there signatures and support the server. I think it looks cool.
  4. Oh, uhm. I guess, uh, I think that, you should uhm, totally, just like, do; you know.. Like when you, uh, like, you do the..
  5. Bump! I might make a service to make userbars for players. They would give me a image, and tell me how they want it. I could even charge more for special userbars, such as movie userbars, glowing userbars, and etc. :)
  6. Looks good to not take up place in the sig...
  7. I've always wanted some of these, they look great! :)
  8. If you use them on other sites, I'd recommend linking them to your referral page too ;)
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  9. That is the point, lol. :confused: I didn't make it big so people could put other stuff in there signatures.
  10. I think pandaseatramen had a free service, maybe even a year ago.
    EDIT- Took me fifteen minutes, but found it. image.jpg
  11. Yea I wouldn't bump it now because I don't know of Panda could at this point due to IRL
  12. Oh I know,that's from a pm
  13. Made a new one lol. I am probably going to open a service that will make these, I will probably make it free for the first few months. :)

    Playstation Network userbar.png
  14. Wow, was that really a whole year ago? :O
  15. Cool, says the name of the best server, so i like it ;)
  16. I know right :p
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